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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by krazytraynz, Feb 8, 2014.

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    Cards Against Humanity is one of my favorite games, and while playing it with a few of my friends I randomly got the idea to port it to a Bukkit plugin. This will hopefully become one of those staple minigames for Minecraft, but either way this is one I'm having fun making.

    Initial Release

    The initial release of this plugin will include the following features:

    • Basic Features of the Original Game
    - I won't bother to explain all of the basics, but you can find them at the official website.​
    • Playing Cards
    - Players will receive actual randomized playing cards to play with!​
    • Customizable Games
    - Game creators can specify passwords, max scores, and max players to their own specifications, their choices won't be made by a config file!​
    • Customizable Cards
    - 538 default white cards, and 92 default black cards - Even more will be added later on!​
    - Server owners will be able to add/remove cards of their choice!​
    - Initial release will only support black cards with one blank/answer, but support for​
    multiple will be added in the future.​
    • Score System
    - Scores will be kept on a scoreboard only viewable by players in the same game!​
    • Inventory Backup
    - Inventories will be saved and cleared when players join a game, and will have them restored at the end of the game/if they leave early!​

    Future updates

    Future plans for this plugin include:

    • House Rules
    - Game creators will be able to choose to apply house rules/special modes upon creating the game, including those found here, and some ideas I/plugin users come up with!​
    • More Black Cards
    - Support for black cards with 2 and 3 (maybe even more) blanks!​
    • Wagers
    - Players will be able to bet items/server currency when joining a game!​
    • Any future ideas/suggestions
    - I'm always open to suggestions, as I'm not the most creative person in the world. Don't​
    be afraid to let me know of any you think of!​

    The plugin will be open to testing as soon as I can get it close to working the way it should, and the IP address for the official testing server will be posted here as soon as it's available!

    I hope you guys like this idea, I'll be releasing it as soon as it's ready!
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    This looks really fun
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    Apologies for the necropost, but I love this game and seeing someone make it as a plugin makes me extremely happy.

    Good luck!
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