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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by FenixAzul, Oct 2, 2011.

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    PROGRESS - [60%]
    Hi ladies and gentlemen presenting my first coded plugin Buried Treasure to get started do you
    Remember this?....

    So this plugin does the same but in minecraft with personal tweaks
    for those that never play mario party.
    the main goal of the game its to find a chest, the player that finds the chest wins.

    Now in my version players will need to dig with their hands to find a randomly placed chest, but that's not all, you can enable pvp if u want them to fight to find the chest and also they can find configurable PowerUps, each player can have a max of 1 power up at the same time if the player find another powerup it will be overided. Every time games end arena will be refilled and chests will be re-randomized. also there's a setting for giving the winner a prize.

    Possible PowerUps (version 1)
    Compass - acts as an arrow it points where its the winning chest located at.
    Diamond, Gold, Wood, Iron, stone shovels - to give player more speed on diggin

    planned powerups(version2)
    sugar-acts as sugar gives player ability to move faster (idk its this is posible)
    endermen - it will remove blocks for you and will put them on where ur enemys are digging at, or it will teleport you near a fixed ratio of where the winning chest its located at.

    The game setup : with permissions or being a OP you can have access to create a Buried Treasure Arena with the command "/bt wand" a wooden shovel will add to your inventory to make a cubiod selection of a Height (Y) of 2, the first layer its for the chest and the top layer will the top cover layer. with that setup its posible to play a closed version that player have to dig tunnels or the open version which means players have to dig down to find the chest.

    Any ideas or suggestions are welcome
    also looking for coding help & or friends and testers.

    Source Code on Github
    I also need to thank @StrikeForceZero , @Wolvereness and @Humsas
    Thanks for reading
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    Added Source on github & complete some commands
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    sounds interesting. :)
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    Sugar is possible with spout! :D
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