[WIP] BukkitTV - Play videos through maps

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by ECB2, Jul 23, 2014.

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    This is an old project of mine, but I just now recorded the video.
    Not sure if I'll make this public, since it's not really stable atm.

    Example Config used in the video:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
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    How about 15x8 (or 15x9) maps? Will it be able to show Full HD video? :)
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    I created a similar plugin myself a few months ago and found that the latency on a server was way too high for practical usage. Has it been tested for multiple users with no display update lag?
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    It's been tested on a really crappy server with low end specs, but I'm getting a good server soon, so I can try it on there then.

    Currently it runs just fine on my end, the biggest problem for other people are FPS drops, but that can be fixed by adjusting the FPS of the video.
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    The main problems with such things are FPS lag and bandwidth usage.
    One frame is 16kb/s per map. A FullHD video would take 2700KiB/s for 1 FPS and 52MiB/s for 20FPS (the maximum with 20TPS server side).
    And you lag even with one map at 20FPS.

    Maps are not really capable of videos...
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    I'm interested in how you avoided client FPS lag, because from my experience, sending large amounts of PacketPlayOutMap's causes the client's FPS to drop like a rock. However, I declare this a heisenbug:

    Client FPS does not drop like a rock. I have no idea what causes it to drop.
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    I'm guessing he implemented a "cache" system, so it begins sending them all the maps after they log in. and loads them slowly over time. I did the same thing for a private plugin I made and it seems to work great.
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    I was the one who actually made that video :p
    Anyways, yeah, it cache's the packet data beforehand starts sending it after it's completely done.
    I have a GameBoy emulator that can play Pokemon Red working on Minecraft maps. It would work 100% if the client would stop dropping in FPS so much, other than that, it worked wonders on a test server up in Canada.
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    super laggy ever on lan.
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    Sorry about bumping this old thread, but just had to say, loved the maplestory music xD
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