[WIP] Assassins Nation - Testers needed!

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Desle, May 4, 2014.

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    Assassin's Nation is based off Assassin's Creed. Mainly Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag inspired us and lead to an amazing server, including assassination, parkour, walljumping, different gamemodes with a real Assassin's Creed feeling.
    Currently, the server is still in alpha-stage. The server is functioning fully, although many things may be changed, because currently the server is not what I want it to be. We have (some) problems, that can cause trouble, although the actual big bugs and glitches have been discovered and have been dealt with.
    There are four different gamemodes; Free For All, Tag, To The Top and Team Deathmatch.
    Team Deathmatch and To The Top are both still in development and not available YET.
    All gamemodes have the same maps, which currently are Boarding, Havana and Ruins.
    They all give you a great feeling, being hunted by others and you can never feel safe.
    There are a few special abilities that you can use to your advantage when playing the games we've created:
    • Wall Jumping
    • Double Jumping
    • Assassination / Backstabbing
    Wall Jumping
    You can walljump by double jumping against a wall, while looking at it. You do need a full stamina bar, though (Exp bar). Doublejumping is way more effective than double jumping. It has more power and you can do some tricks with it, to confuse out your enemy and end up behind him, leaving you the oppertunity to backstab him.
    Double Jumping
    Double jumping can be executed by pressing the spacebar (jump key) twice, after eachother, like you're toggling creative flight. Doublejumping is handy, although wall jumping is the way to go, if you are near a wall that's available for use, because the power of wall jumping is bigger.
    Assassination / Backstabbing
    Assassination (I'll just call it that) is a BIG part of the server. It allows you to kill enemies in one blow, if you can actually assassinate. Because when you have been spotted (hit by someone, or you hit someone else) you'll have black hearts. Until your hearts turn back to normal again, you will not be able to assassinate people.
    You can connect to the server, although you really make us happy if you report bugs, glitches, or any other problems you might find located in the server or around it. Remember that the server is still before the actual opening, meaning... you are able to claim prizes / rewards! Woo!
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    Wow this look every awesome love to test it for u.
    i joined the server if u want to talk add me on skype christian54567. but cool.
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    I am a fan of all assassin's creed games ;) and I think I like your server. Is it still online? Then I'll come tomorrow and look around :D.
  4. Id love to help I'm going to try to jump on.
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    Alrighty, I've updated the thread, server, everything. Still to come are loadouts and two new gamemodes.
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