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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by smartkid, Nov 20, 2012.

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    Hello Bukkit community,

    Any Animal Crossing fans out there? Well good news, I've formally started work on a Bukkit plugin for Minecraft that recreates the home owning experience and endless home owning debt found in Animal Crossing!

    Animal Crossing Housing, a new gameplay dynamic for Minecraft!
    A new block protection method and a long-term goal to achieve in the world of Minecraft.

    Each player gets a home bottled up in it's own tiny world where things can be safe, but limited. The overworld can now be dangerous & fun again! Bring on real PvP without the need for Factions, Towny or any other land-control / block protection system.

    Furthermore, for a price, your home can be upgraded just like in Animal Crossing! Work hard, make in game money, get a bigger home - simple as that. Finally, a real reason to have a player-based economy on your Bukkit server!

    How's it work?
    More importantly, how does it mesh with the existing game dynamics of Minecraft?

    An option will allow players to place their home in the Minecraft overworld somewhere, or server administrators can place several lots for players to choose from. What is placed down is called the façade. It is a physical representation of the player's home and features a way to traverse from their home world to the overworld and back. And in true Animal Crossing spirit the façade changes as the player upgrades their home.

    2012-11-20_14.57.25.png 2012-11-20_14.57.36.png 2012-11-20_14.57.42.png 2012-11-20_14.57.50.png 2012-11-20_14.58.00.png 2012-11-20_14.58.20.png

    The Home World
    Just like in Animal Crossing, entering your home moves you from the outside world into a "room." This is accomplished by creating a tiny world file for each home and teleporting the player to it when he or she enters their home via the front door of the façade.

    The actual size of the Home World is determined by a bedrock border that expands as the house is upgraded. Staying true to Animal Crossing we use a 2 * the original Animal Crossing Home Size + 3. So: 2Ac + 3 That means that homes upgrade in the following fashion...


    2012-11-20_15.50.09.png 2012-11-20_16.12.40.png 2012-11-20_16.12.43.png

    As usual, you pay off your home on an IOU basis, where you are constantly trying to pay off the debt on your home to unlock the next upgrade. Upgrade pricing will be configurable, with an option to require a deposit to begin owning a home. I'm also considering additional upgrades beyond what is listed here for those who just want / need more space.

    The BIG Idea
    As usual, you CAN build in the overworld, it's just dangerous. Server administrators can allow PvP or leave mobs on hard, or both. And obviously your going to need to venture outward to mine and farm. So don't expect a risk free adventure, the whole point of Animal Crossing Housing is to provide a better protection system over current means.

    Part of the goal was to limit the real-estate of protected land a player may own in a way that offers an additional challenge (pay off yo house). Doing it this way allows real PvP, looting, or whatever game style a server administrator desires to play out in the overworld, while giving players a sanctuary to keep their stuff protected.

    The idea is to give administrators another tool to create a fun Minecraft experience.

    Feedback, support, comments and suggestions are welcomed, thanks for reading!

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    Awesome. I have an Animal Crossing server, and that would be PERFECT.
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    When I get more money, I'm making a Animal Crossing server. Loved that game, loved the whole series. The Wii version just made the icing on the cake.

    . I'd love to crecreate a version of 'Nooks Cranny' like in the game, and then use Display Case on Slabs for just the perfect experience.

    I am also a plugin developer aswell
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    Oh my gosh Animal Crossing I LOVED THAT GAME!!!!

    What's your server :p ?

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    Is this still being made? Looks pretty awesome!
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    OMG! Its great.
    I like this. When plugin will be release?
    Im want this!
    Its like: you have 1 houses you buy upgrade house and you have house 2 upgrade?
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    How's this goin I need it.
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    Sorry guys, it's very dead. Someone else will have to pick it up. I went off and stated learning C++ and working on my own engine, which trumps this project many times over. -Cody
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    aww dats bull...
    Like this kinda is fine too
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    Best of luck to you. If you don't mind, I may pick this up later in time.
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    Did you ever start on it? Any chance you have some sourcecode to expand upon?
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    It won't be too hard to restart, if you want to create a team for this then anyone can message me at my skype name (same as here)
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    Sure it wont be too hard to restart, but depending on how far he got with it (if it's 80% done for example) I could save myself a lot of trouble :p
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