[WIP][ADMIN/TOOL] QuestWriter v0.16.1 - Quest Writing for Citizens.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Cryptite, Oct 12, 2011.

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    so quest writer is useless at all? phew next time i really should read the laste pages here... and i was wondering why the quest.yml looks totally different from questers xD sadly i can firue out how to make them quest with those ingame command stuff. i must be too stupid..

    cant someone just update QW so it fits in the quest.yml in the right format that quester uses now?

    also someone could add a menu where u could choose for wich plugin u want to write a quest..

    so this programm could be good for Quester and Quests too^^ and would work fine then i think

    (sometimes i wish i could just program stuff myselfxD)
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    Here's the thing, Quester is NOT connected to Citizens 1 npc quester in ANY WAY. Only thing is the name, I decided to use it because no other plugin was using it before, and I was not counting npc type as a bukkit plugin. It all means that this tool CAN'T work with Quester, as it was not written for it.
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    Will you please make a mirror download, when i try, it says there is malware on the website.
  4. Doesn't help that trait quester works since that doesn't change the fact that this program is so outdated it ruins more than it helps. :p

    Good that you made it work thought. I still think you should give Denizens a go, it's awesome for quests. :)
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    Hello, there will be futures updating? and there is a tutorial for on software? Please !
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    Your link got an virus, I'll suggest moving it =P
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    Hello, i tried to use QuestWriter, i think it's fantastic, but i have 1 problem, i downloaded and installed it, wrote the quest but:
    1) it doesn't save quest.
    2) If i restart the programm, it crashes.
    Maybe i did something wrong or... Well what should i do?
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    So, this works with Citizens2 NPC's as well? For example, you have to talk to NPC <id> to start the quest?
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    When you add health does it add health to them or heal them ????
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    Not Found :(

    I can't download it :( help please

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    To175 it's dead.. No longer supported and all that.
    So it won't work.
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