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    Hey People,

    I thought I will let you know what I am working on right now so some of you maybe, if you want something simliar yourself, do not need to ask someone to do it or don't need to do it yourself.
    And on a sidenote. I need a better name for the plugin :p And at the same time I post it here IF someone knows already of a Plugin that does that. Because I tested multiple Plugins myself and none of them worked the way I wanted it. But if a Plugin is out there that is UpToDate and does what I want I do not need to put that much time into this one ;)

    General Concept/Idea of the Plugin
    The General Concept/Idea of this Plugin is quite simple. Help to Administrate your Server.
    [Could be in the end probably an Overkill Plugin. But hey. As long as it makes fun I keep adding Features that fit into the Idea of the Plugin :p]

    Features that will be implemented
    • Warn a Player for a certain Reason (Player gets +1 Active Warning)
    • Active Warnings will decay after set Time
    • x Active Warnings and Player will be Muted
    • y Active Warnings and Player will be Tempbanned
    • z Ammount of Total Warnings within a certain Periode of time, Staff will get an E-Mail so they keep an special Eye out for that Person
    • Mute a Player
    • Controls Chat. Bad Words give them a Warning or just get blanked out.
    • Everything will be Configurable
    • Warnings that got issued will be saved so you check afterwards more easily WHO gave WHOM a warning for WHAT reason and at WHAT time
    More to come...
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    Sounds cool! :)
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