[WINDOWS] Start your server without CMD

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by feildmaster, Aug 16, 2011.

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    I guess this forum is as good as any.

    Since the demand seems to be ridiculously high for running bukkit without a command prompt, I have taken the liberty of making it easy for people to run their server virtually.

    NOTE: I discourage the use of this script if you don't know how to find processes running on your computer. This hides the console, and as such will not give you any error notices.

    The code is a simple windows script,
    It starts a CMD, and sets it to null after running your bat with an invisible window.

    That's all. For those of you that don't want to create the file "run.vbs," a download is provided for bukkit members below.

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    I don't know if I'll use this... but it seems pretty cool!
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    I will definately try this! I like not having my screen and Taskbar cluttered with windows... stupid tiny screen... :S
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    Well what would you use to issue simple command consoles like >reload and >say?
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    @Banana937 : would have to do that in game. or use "pail" (If you close pail you can't open it again)

    Or you could find a wrapper that allows you to control the game in a browser.
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    Alright. Fair enough. This is cool, but I just don't see the point.
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    @Banana937 : I don't use it myself. People wanted it, so I showed them how to do it.

    I do not recommend using it without a wrapper that lets you edit your server externally
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    Yeah, I don't see why you would use it without something like MCPanel.
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    You could also use javaw instead of java as your executable, which will quit and leave the JVM running.
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    That is true.

    Either way. =P (Let's not make it easy on them)

    EDIT : Doesn't work with my bat though. For me, my bat actually has to be running.
  11. You could use McMyAdmin with this, also I am sure you can just double click craftbukkit.jar, right?
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    If you double click it you can't easily set the options to load it with.
  13. Ah, ok!
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    Is there a way I can tell it how much ram to use?
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    I found I can run it in the Java binary too. Its a little simpler than having to run the CMD every time.
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    Or you can just double click the craftbukkit.jar :p
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    How do I close .vbs file
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