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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by stutiguias, Feb 11, 2014.

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    I have started a little project on my free time to make nice GUI for minecraft server -​
    so i just start the project, don't expect much and much will change but i will update this on my free time and you can watch last dev on - right now don't have any tutorial or easy one-click setup , just get all files and put on server folder and run gui.exe​
    The layout is base on Modern UI for WPF - http://mui.codeplex.com/
    * Don't worry about warning that sometimes appears on download the .exe file on your browser... this file is 100% safe !​
    * .net 4.5 or higher​
    * windows xp or higher​
    if you test and find bugs... report at - https://github.com/stutiguias/Minecraft-Server-GUI-Project/issues
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    The designs looks awesome I will maybe download it if it has some more features!
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    This may be a big feature, have multiple tabs (one for each server). Take the challenge, I dare ya ;)

    Btw, this looks Awesome!
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    Cool project!
    I have a project like this too! It's called BeeStarter.
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    Looks nice!!
    I might switch to wpf myself!
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    stutiguias if your project requires DotNet 4.5 how can it run under Windows XP since the last version available for this OS is DotNet 4.0
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    You can't...
    That's why I recommend sticking with 4.0 :)
    Does modern UI for wpf run under 4.0? (I don't know)
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