Windows 8?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by dtygbk, Nov 5, 2012.

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    I'm thinking about upgrading to Windows 8, has anyone tested if Bukkit Works?:eek:
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    I have windows 8 and I tried bukkit and it did not work it said something like "Java" is not an internal or external command but the regular vanilla servers from do work

    BTW I am not sure they will fix it in the future but I hope they do because I love bukkit

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  3. You need to install java... That has nothing to do with windows 8 or Bukkit, search google.
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  4. Not sure why everyone asks stuff like this, its just a makeover from Windows 7, only some tweaks and a few bug fixes etc. Just update Java, you'll be good to go

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    Minecraft wouldn't work with the graphics driver supplied by Windows 8 as it lacked OpenGL support. I installed the latest Windows 7 driver and it was all good.
  6. It will probably work. Just install Java, done. I wouldn't use Win 8 though...
  7. Not true. Windows 8 has OpenGL support and should be able to run Minecraft better then Windows 7 actually.
    However if you install Windows 8 then you also have to install all your drivers and runtimes (Java, ....).

    It works fine for me, also you should know that Java applications (CraftBukkit, ...) can run on every OS that has Java installed and ready to use.

    Its based on Windows 7 yea but it actually changes the complete user interface with "Metro". Its way more then "some tweaks and bug fixes", they optimized Windows 8 to use less memory and be more lightweight which isn't easy to do :=.
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    well windows 8 has a new metro feature but u can still get to the normal windows 7 screen and get bukkit from
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    Spend even one hour programming for the windows 8 api and you will realize exactly how funny your comment is.
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    Yes, but that's not quite what I said. I said the graphics driver supplied by Windows 8 lacked OpenGL support.

    The error message I would get was:
    Bad video card drivers!
    Minecraft was unable to start because it failed to find an accelerated OpenGL mode.

    There were no Windows 8 drivers available for my graphics card, so I used Windows 7 drivers.
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    That's a problem with your video card vendor, not with windows 8.
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  12. Ah right. But its like needs a minimum of 20GB for 64-bit :(
    I don't program :p they taught us basic stuff at college for but I didn't understand it very well, so god knows what I'll be like at something like C++ xD
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    20GB of hard drive space is a joke... and is not that much more than windows 7 uses... in fact, it's the same that windows 7 requires for 64 bit.
  14. Hmmm. I would install it on my SSD, but I've only got 60GB on it :(
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    Do you currently have windows 7 installed on the SSD?
  16. Nah, hard drive right now. I got a 320GB for my main drive, and a 1TB for storage
  17. Yes, I have Windows 8 Pro, and the Bukkit work perfect. You only need to download de Windows 8 JAVA.
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    Yes and no. What I am trying to say is that Minecraft works great on Windows 8, but don't use the graphics driver installed byWindows 8 is some instances, like mine.
  19. It should (no, will) work just as fine as on any other OS that supports Java.
    As for video drivers - any long time windows user will know you should never (ever) use the drivers that come with windows. They're completely crap and create issues with everything. Download the drivers from the specific vendor that made your card (nVidia, ATI, etc).
    You'll have to download Java yourself, too.
    If it doesn't work, you must have missed something
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    I am using minecraft client1.4.5 on a windows 8 machine connecting to craftbukkit without any problem.
  21. it works
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    It has never been recommended practice to use the "stock" drivers provided by microsoft for your video drivers... and if you look up the video vendors who shall remain nameless, they have also chosen not to be on board with the signed driver program, meaning windows does not distribute their newest drivers to begin with. That makes it an issue caused by a choice made by the video card vendors.

    The video drivers provided by microsoft are not intended for full use. They are intended to get you up and running enough to obtain the drivers from the proper vendor of the video device. Even microsoft agrees with me on this one.
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    I agree as well.

    It is a problem with the vendor because they have not provided a Windows 8 driver.

    My original post was more to inform the OP, that Minecraft works with Windows 8, but if you have receive errors like I posted earlier, then the drivers supplied by Windows 8 are the cause and seek out the Windows 7 drivers, when your vendor does not supply Windows 8 drivers.
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