Will pay $5 for a tax plugin

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    I want to be able to tax the players on my server for X amount of iConomy money every Y seconds
    EXAMPLE config
    #Interval in seconds
    interval: 100000
    #amount in iConomy money
        amount: 1000
    #Tax message with color codes
    tax-message: &eYou have been taxed &5MONEY_AMOUNT
    #Should players be killed if they can't pay?
    death-enabled: true
    #Death message with color codes
        death-message: &4You have been killed because you couldn't pay taxes :(
    I will pay $5 for this plugin via paypal if EVERYTHING i asked is complete.
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    Is it getting errors?
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    Its not compatable with pex

    I honostly have not tried that I looked at it but bTax does exactly what I need just its not compatable with PEX I am at wirk right now but when I get home later I can try it. Can I turn off salaries with that plugin? and does it count players that just join like btax?

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    Hey I'm the developer of CashFlow. My plugin is based off bTax so it works basically the same way, just more features and better permissions support. You can absolutely not have salaries with CashFlow if you don't want them, you just don't make any. It logs every time a player logs off so you can tax only players who have logged on within a certain time. Hope this helps!

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