Will CraftBukkit be compatible with other languages and will be like hMod?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by rockyandirou, Jan 17, 2011.

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    Yesterday I was playing with my friend in my server and he said that the kMod (unofficial build 134 of hMod) was better then this piece of crap bukkit (he said, not me) and I said to him wait untill you guys get Bukkit launched. He said to me back up to kMod because he said that Bukkit was going to be like a normal server, no users and more. I backed up but I ask you guys: is Bukkit going to be like a hMod for all MC updates?
    Also, I have another question: will Bukkit be compatible with other languages? Like you type all the things that need to be translated and it's just configure the language to the name of the .properties file.
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    First off, you can consider bukkit/craftbukkit as "pre pre-release" software. I'm talking this project isn't even alpha yet, so every single complaint is going to fall on deaf ears. Everyone knows its not finished, so if you want to run it, you should run it with the understanding that it is feature incomplete and probably won't do everything you want it to do. Why do I run it? Because I want to run a bleeding edge Bukkit server - nothing more.

    I imagine if someone dedicates the time to translating, they can release bukkit with different language versions.

    Bukkit will be like bukkit. Lots of posts already indicate what exactly that will entail, but here's a summary:

    Bukkit will be bare bones. Nothing that isn't needed to run the server will not be included. Everything you want will be available in a bukkit API, so plugin devs can build it.
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