Will Bukkit update for pre-release or leaked builds?

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Oct 11, 2011.

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    As I'm sure we're all aware, Mojang have adopted a new development and distribution model for Minecraft since around 1.8 was in development: pre-release builds. Though it really goes without saying, I'd like to make Bukkit's stance clear on these and other experimental builds:

    At this point in time, Bukkit will not be supporting any build that is not an official update for Minecraft released by Mojang. If Mojang don't feel that they can recommend and stand by the builds they've released, then what makes you think we can recommend them either?

    Keeping up with pre-release builds is an unrealistic feat. With each Minecraft update released we need to rewrite a large portion of CraftBukkit in order to make our work compatible with the Minecraft update. As it stands, the amount of work it would require to update our work for every pre-release is not worth it, especially if that work becomes outdated within two weeks or so.

    Thanks for your support and understanding in this matter.
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    Run Chunkster over your world, seems like a World error.
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    Like I already said, I tried using a newly-generated world AND removing the plugins. Neither worked.
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    I don't mind but you guys should get a raise to keep making pre-realeases i like them
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    I submitted a request for a raise to EvilSeph. He declined me stating:
    Thanks for getting my hopes up :(
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    Is there a prerelease build for 1.9prerelease6 yet? If not, don't rush yourself, I can wait. Just wondering if one is floating about. The reason I am asking is because I found one for 1.9pre5, so I was wondering if there was one for pre6 also. :p
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    Probably not, since the pre-release-full has been released sunday.
    I thought @Dinnerbone was working on it, he said he was working on Stage 1 and 2 now, and would launch a google spreadsheet when starting with Stage 3.
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    cant wait, I wanna upgrade my server.
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    how do i know if every plugin has updated to minecraft 1.0
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    You see if the plugin says 1.0....
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    When a Recommended Build comes out for 1.0, it will have a specific number e.g Build 1500. Plugins will then say:
    [MISC] Example - an example plugin! [1500], and in dev.bukkit.org it will tell you under the downloads section.
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    No longer true - Bukkit has a new versioning system. Not sure how long before they go public with that, but I'd assume now that MC1.0 is out, Bukkit might be switching as well.
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    But as of now, that is how it works.
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    when the bukkit is update to v1.0.0 of minecraft?
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    Their working on it could be today or next week, you can't rush perfection.
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    ok.I don't wonna perfection i just want to now
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    Locking this thread now as it has strayed very far off topic, as it is not for Minecraft 1.0.
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