will all the hey0 commands be in bukkit eventualy?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by bottest, Jan 16, 2011.

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    i love the commands like spawning monsters and changing the time but i mostly interested in

    and /mspawn because i have alot of zoos and mob traps which use mob spawners.

    Im eagerly awaiting the release of bukkit and see most of the plug ins i use are going to be ported in ^.^
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    Within CraftBukkit it's self most likely not in any early development releases, but once it hits a stable release I'm sure someones going to make a big command plugin with all the functionality that has been seen so far within hey0 and other mods.

    The Bukkit Project does have a plugin of their own called Scrappbukkit which has some basic style commands at your disposal. Maybe they will expand this on a later date?
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    There's a couple of plugins available that replicate the basic hMod functions. The basic functions are included in the General plugin, while the warps are fixed with the SimpleWarp plugin. And there's a lot more plugins in the Plugin Releases subforum.
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