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    Please understand this is kind advice, advice most people aren't going to take the time to give you because they are burned out trying to explain it.

    Why has no one offered to make this? I've tried every single existing plugin and none of them work or have too many features! What I want is MY EXACT REQUEST, but everyone is ignoring me or trying to get me to use something else!
    Cool story bro. The thing is, you're asking a volunteer force for help; unless a developer decides to code your plugin, it's not going to magically appear.

    So go have another look at:
    https://www.google.com/search?q=site:bukkit.org plugin I want

    and see if you can find something that works for you.

    Stop recommending other plugins to me!
    If people are recommending other plugins, consider that they aren't doing it out of lazyness or to be mean. At least a good 1/3 of plugin requests could be fulfilled by existing plugins if server admins would tweak their requirements or do some out of the box thinking.

    If you haven't communicated yourself clearly, go back and explain why your plugin really is different from what people are offering.

    Don't get hung up on details like "that command is too long", you can sort these things out and you are probably blowing the differences out of proportion in defense of your idea.

    My idea is simpler than every other plugin that exists.
    This theoretical plugin you've come up with might start out as a simple idea, but once you start implementing all your ideas, debug, and add in the things that you didn't think of originally it will almost inevitably become a far more complex beast than you planned it to be.

    On top of that, all this new code wont be time and user tested, and so it introduces a whole mess of maintenance issues for the poor developer who picks up this project, because as soon as it's released users will want the same features other similar plugins provide.

    The alternative of not releasing the plugin means all that code was made just for you, which is even buggier and which is largely a waste of good development time unless you are compensating the developer.

    It wont take that long.
    Maybe not from your perspective, but plugins are A LOT OF WORK. This is why existing plugins are recommended - they are already coded and being maintained by someone.

    Your average plugin is going to take even a good dev hours (if not days!) to write and test, hours that are eaten up from that devs spare time that they could spend with friends, family, or working on their own projects.

    Also, very few plugins are fire-and-forget. There is almost always a long term commitment, and if the dev dares to releases the code, they'll be bombarded with new features and plugin conflicts. A dev has to consider whether they want to be married to your idea for the next year.

    Hopefully if you didn't skip too much of this you now understand the developers point of view and you can see why many choose to take a pass on the majority of plugin requests.
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    You sir, have read my mind =)
    In addition I would like to add that coding is supposed to be fun, that's the main reason i'm here. That and learning, coders are always learning.
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    Sticky? This would be useful for people to see :)
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    I agree with kezz101, this post should be stickied! Some people just dont search... also you forgot to add plugins.bukkit.org ;)
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    The people that don't search tend to be the ones that also don't read the stickies.
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    This thread feels..... Sticky.
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    This needs to be stickied.
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    Maybe add/create this to the 'request section: FAQ' or something like that...
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    That's no reason to not tack it up there, lol. If it stops one person, it was worth it. Ha
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    Sticky this please :))
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    Agreed, sticky sticky sticky sticky sticky :D

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