Question Why so strict with offline mode?

Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by Techy4198, Apr 2, 2015.

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    Title says it all. I know that offline mode is occasionally used so that pirated clients may join, but moderators seem to take it quite far.

    Also, assumptions. I literally just saw an old thread that was closed with comments along the lines of "no support for offline servers, buy the game" with literally no evidence that the guy had not already done so.

    I personally run my testing server in offline mode purely so I can test my plugins if my Internet is down, and I can also reconnect much faster after a reload.

    I imagine that this thread will immediately be closed with the comment "the rules are not up for debate" or similar. I am not looking to debate this rule. I am simply curious as to why it is so strict, so please do try to answer properly.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    @Techy4198, to start: everything that I say is my own opinion / vision on this.
    As far as I know: Bukkit had this policy right away when they started. Offline mode means disabled authentication, this is very unsecure. If you use it you should know the risks and be able to handle with them.
    The line locking when offline mode is to make it easy for everybody, if you are gonna allow some of them then everybody starts raging why their threads get locked.
  3. Take it quite far by doing what? Locking the threads? This isn't taking it too far, that's just moderating.

    Just to say, ending threads with statements like this generally isn't the best thing to do. Maybe it's just be, but it kind of comes across as a bit passive aggressive, especially the ending. If the thread needed locking then your statement wouldn't prevent that from happening. If it didn't, then there was no need for it in the first place ;)
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    @Techy4198 @timtower @AdamQpzm Here's my thought on this:
    Most of the threads getting locked are made my people using BungeeCord. Sure, BungeeCord requires the server to be in offline mode, but the rule states
    BungeeCord obviously isn't 'piracy', because the players still require a premium account to login.

    But don't get me wrong, I still completely agree with what the mods do.
  5. @nverdier Bungeecord itself has authentication but not all its connected servers.
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    @Techy4198 Its a simple solution don't bring up that you don't have the game easy as that. It's not like you need to even have the game to code your plugin. Just code your plugin and add to your server and that's it. If you have questions you come here but don't say you don't have the game or any of that. Just stay quiet. Staff team is just here to enforce the rules. But remember buying the games supports Mojang and the devs on here. Literately everyone on this forum must have bought the game.
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    Another problem would be that if offline mode where "supported" then authentication plugins would be legal too. And there is no way Bukkit staff can reasonably be expected to ensure that all such plugins do provide a secure mechanism.

    It's just too risky to open those floodgates.
  8. The rule is older than the one you're quoting, and the wording of the rules doesn't really make sense anyway. It's entirely possible that the one who wrote it didn't fully understand offline mode and why it wasn't supported on Bukkit.

    Erm. Mojang, sure, but the devs on here? Firstly, I wonder which devs you're talking about. There are no devs. Secondly, developers of Bukkit have never received any financial benefit from the sale of Minecraft.

    Not necessarily. I agree that it'd make sense for you to have bought the game if you're here, but there's nothing to say that you "must" have bought it. I've seen server hosts on here, for example. I wouldn't imagine that everyone of them has bought the game, because they don't need to.
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    Then it should be edited on the rules page :D
  10. @nverdier Curse aren't big fans of changing the rules from what they've written, except with formatting issues. I've made a few suggestions but they weren't taken on board.
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    That's too bad.
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  13. @Bobcat00 They can also be used as a 2nd factor authentication on online mode so they would be allowed.
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    I have never seen a server running in online mode use an authentication plugin. What I got from that is "It was created for offline servers, so it's breaking the rules. But it still works on online server, even though seemingly useless, so it's allowed."
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