Why so many Permissionplugins?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by extremez, Oct 7, 2011.

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    Hello :)

    for a long time I am wondering me why its so hard to make the "one-and-only" Permissionsplugin. Every second Plugin uses another Permissions System. Here a list of working and available Permissionsplugins:

    Permissions 3
    Permissions 2
    ... and more!

    So... PermissionsBukkit and other SuperPerms dont support Prefixes & Suffixes, thats (for me) a very essential part of my Server. But if I choose a Permplugin that supports them (Perms 2, f.e.), it doesnt work with some of other Plugins (The new iConomy f.e.)

    Can't someone do a Permplugin that bases on SuperPerms, but supports all other Perms and includes Pre&Suffixes? I'm sure I am not the only one with these kind of problems.
    Maybe there is already such a plugin out, and I was just to blind to see it ;)

    Would be really cool if someone responses and (maybe) do something like this :)


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    i 2nd this notion!!!
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    PEX, does the Prefix and suffix stuff and is using the SuperPerms system, and it includes a migrator for those using Permissions 2.x.x by TheYeti
    Probably the closest you will get
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    Cause no one wants to contribute to others and just want their own. :/

    You'll be best to stick to PermissionsEx.
  5. And similar plugins will eventually lead to better plugins.
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    See, this is why there are a lot of permissions plugins, since 1 person doesn't like a certain feature or doesn't know how to work it so they go off and make another one. Then it proceeds from that,

    And no, Superperms/PermissionsBukkit can have prefixes/suffixes through mChat. Which is simply a better version of iChat (At least in my opinion).
    mChat has channel support, custom messages, all color code support, afk, and much more.
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    Yeah, bPermissions is a unique approach to permissions in it's simplicity - it is entirely composed of seperate users and groups (unlike all other permissions managers) as well as having a WebGUI available for all file formats that bPermissions uses!

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