Solved Why player access to all plugin zero/first argument is beyond me :\

Discussion in 'General Help' started by envic, Jul 26, 2016.

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    Hi Guys,
    After all config done i used to write permission nodes using essentialsx Groupmanager !

    But All player are able to see all plugins commands!

    for example:

    L1T1 Permissions are:

        default: true
        - essentials.spawn
        - AutoPickup.enabled
        inheritance: []
          build: true
          prefix: '&b&l[&3Level&b:&e1&b&l] &a&l[&5Tier&b:&61&a&l] &7'
          suffix: ''
    But, Player is able to use all other plugin zero or fist argument!
    for example :
    /mine help

    and even more!

    what's wrong?

    No other permission plugin used!

    no one know what's wrong?
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  2. @envic
    This is probably because these commands are set to be true by default, meaning that you have to give users a negative node to prevent users from using the commands.
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    There is a setting in the essentialsx config file about allowing players to or to not see other commands. Search the config file.
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