Why move to BukkitDev anyway? Fixing something that isn't broken?

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by NerdsWBNerds, May 11, 2012.

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  1. I just don't get it. What are you trying to gain by complaining day after day? If your going to complain, at least create a thread [Rant] BukkitDev Sucks! Fix it PL0X and make everyone who's going to complain about the same thing use that thread, or something so this whole forum isn't filled with the same crap and it's possible to actually answer someone's legitimate question.
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    If you are going to complain about people complaining at least create a thread [Rant] People Keep Saying BukkitDev Sucks ! Fix it Plox and make everyone whose going to complain about the same thing use that thread, or something so this whole forum isn't filled with the same crap and it's possible to actually answer someone's legitimate question.

    Complaints are a type of feedback, that is what this section is for. Also this section is not full of complaints, at the time of writing it looks like there are only 2 threads on the first page.

    I am ! :(
  3. I counted five and that's without me scrolling down..There are ones on ad.fly, ones on how it never works, ones on how private messages/alerts are broken..etc
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    Those are not the same issue as this topic is about or at least has become about,
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    The meeting with Curse went very well. Regular meetings will take place to find out progress updates on our list of requests, and Curse is very receptive to resolving many of the issues we raised.

    I can tell you there is much more going on in the dev.bukkit.org system than what is visible on the surface. These changes require a significant amount of time to complete, but we will be now better informed as the project progresses.
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    So many cloaks and daggers; so little time.
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    I was not trying to be cryptic. We have discussed an API to address some of the concerns, such as account linking between the forums and dev.bukkit.org. We discussed notifications, markup languages, API's, stats, PM's and project management features (among others). Time lines for a lot of these requests and features were hard to pinpoint, as there are some in-depth back end changes that are being worked on, which will hold up other features that are dependent on those back end changes.

    We do know Curse has dedicated staff working on these projects, bugs and features.
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    I've just stopped using anything, its more simple that way :p
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    Sorry I wasn't specifically trying to call you out on your comment (more to earlier comments like "Oh there's a reason"), that is good info to have though.

    More seriously I am still unclear as to why we don't just move to devBukkit and call it a day. A 60% solution today is worth 100% next year. Accounts aren't linked, but that's not the end of the world. Most devs seem to manage well enough.
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    The holdup is due to the notifications. People really like being able to subscribe to the forum posts and get notifications for responses. As well, a better forum system on DBO would be great to see. While I may agree with you, I also do not have very large projects, and thus my experiences there will be different than other, larger, projects.
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    Fair enough I suppose; better notifications and a more robust feedback infrastructure would be nice.
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    I like bukkitDev because it has a download counter :D

    Not to mention without it i would have no idea how many people have downloaded my plugin because, to my knowledge, dropbox doesn't have a download counter
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    I'm not saying "give me money for my plugins" , don't get me wrong I love coding, and I'll happily do it for anyone that asks me.
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