Question Why isn't iDisguise working? (An internal error occured trying to perform this command.)

Discussion in 'General Help' started by SlientD, Aug 12, 2017.

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    So I've been using iDisguise recently, but it just won't work properly. Can someone help me.

    reload-complete: §6[iDisguise] Reload complete.
    no-permission: §cYou are not allowed to do this.
    console-use-other-command: §cUse /odisguise from the server console.
    cannot-find-player: §cCannot find player %player%.
    wrong-usage-no-name: '§cWrong usage: account name required'
    wrong-usage-two-disguise-types: '§cWrong usage: two disguise types given'
    wrong-usage-unknown-arguments: '§cWrong usage: unknown arguments §o%arguments%'
    invalid-name: §cThe given account name is invalid.
    event-cancelled: §cAnother plugin prohibits you to do that.
    disguise-player-success-self: §6You disguised as a %type% called %name%.
    disguise-player-success-other: §6%player% disguised as a %type% called %name%.
    disguise-success-self: §6You disguised as a %type%.
    disguise-success-other: §6%player% disguised as a %type%.
    status-player-self: §6You are disguised as a %type% called %name%.
    status-player-other: §6%player% is disguised as a %type% called %name%.
    status-self: §6You are disguised as a %type%.
    status-other: §6%player% is disguised as a %type%.
    status-subtypes: §7(%subtypes%)
    status-not-disguised-self: §6You are not disguised.
    status-not-disguised-other: §6%player% is not disguised.
    outdated-server: §cYour Minecraft version does not support the given disguise type.
    undisguise-console: §cYou are not a player so you cannot undisguise.
    undisguise-not-disguised-self: §cYou are not disguised.
    undisguise-not-disguised-other: §c%player% is not disguised.
    undisguise-success-self: §6You undisguised.
    undisguise-success-other: §6%player% undisguised.
    undisguise-success-all: §6%share% out of %total% disguised players undisguised.
    undisguise-success-all-ignore: §6Undisguised every disguised player ignoring other plugins.
    help-info: §a%name% %version% - Help
    help-base: §6§o %command% §6- %description%
    help-types: '§7Types: %types%'
    help-types-available: '%type%'
    help-types-not-supported: §m%type%
    help-types-no-permission: §m%type%
    help-help: Shows this message
    help-player-self: Disguise yourself as a player
    help-player-other: Disguise a player as a player
    help-random-self: Disguise yourself as a randomly chosen mob
    help-random-other: Disguise a player as a randomly chosen mob
    help-reload: Reload config and language file
    help-status-self: Shows your disguise status
    help-status-other: Shows a player's disguise status
    help-undisguise-self: Undisguise yourself
    help-undisguise-all: Undisguise everyone
    help-undisguise-other: Undisguise a player
    help-disguise-self: Disguise yourself as a mob with optional subtypes
    help-disguise-other: Disguise a player as a mob with optional subtypes
    help-subtype: Apply one (or multiple) subtypes
    join-disguised: §6You are still disguised. Use §o/disguise status§r§6 to get more information.
    move-as-shulker: §cYou must not move while you are disguised as a shulker.
    update-available: '§6[iDisguise] An update is available: %version%'
    update-already-downloaded: §6[iDisguise] Update already downloaded. (Restart server to apply update)
    update-downloading: §6[iDisguise] Downloading update...
    update-download-succeeded: §6[iDisguise] Download succeeded. (Restart server to apply update)
    update-download-failed: §c[iDisguise] Download failed.
    update-option: §6[iDisguise] You can enable automatic updates in the config file.
    easter-egg-birthday: §eYAAAY!!! Today is my birthday! I'm %age% years old now.
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