why is the stable 1.5 taking so long to come out?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by xZeruda, Mar 26, 2013.

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    I don't want to sound like if I was complaining,I would just like to know when the stable version will come out,due to the fact that I lost a 200 slot server due to this,and I am starting from zero. do you guys have any idea if it comes out this week? sorry if I sound mean:(
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    I'm sure it will come out when it is stable. The dev version work from what I've seen though.
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    Before the end of time.
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    This is serious,I don't find your reply comic.
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    as people said, it will come when it come.
    bukkit developers still have a lot to do.
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    Super serious.
    Your question has been answered a thousand times before though. It'll be out when it's done.
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    Yes I understand, however, this question has been asked countless times and the answer will always be "Soon". It will be out when it's done. Bukkit does provide us with dev/beta builds, why not use it instead? It might not be as stable as a recommended builds but it sure does work.
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    The dev versions work fantastically. I can personally vouch for build #2704. I've been running it for several days and it has no problems. The only thing I've noticed is sometimes zombies fail to attack if you're on higher ground, but it happens very rarely and it's not a big deal.
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    How did you lose a 200 slot server? Just use a dev build if your players do not want to downgrade to 1.4.7.
    I don't see the issue as almost every large server is using dev builds just fine. :)
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    to say the dev build is working correctly is total BS. there is no effect command or scoreboard command. both of which was the highlight of 1.5. and to say...its ready when its ready is also total BS and is not what the bukkit server admins are looking for specially when they run a show based on minecraft and bukkit servers. a little "hey we are working on it and we hope to have it ready next week" goes a long way compared to the arrogant "its ready when its ready" statement.
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    So if it doesn't come out next week, should we start putting out apology posts? There is no way to give accurate ETA's, so we do not give ETA's. The lack of scoreboard or effects command (which is being worked on) is why there is no release yet.

    Let me ask, how does it help you to know how long it will take? Will it drastically impact your ability to run your server?
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    we are not looking for accurate eta...and yes believe it would help. it would save me from checking bukkit every hour to see if the effect command has been enabled
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    Within the next few months most likely, but don't hold us to it!
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    1.5 introduced hoppers, droppers, comparators, and a host of other new blocks, all of which require API development - both design and implementation. It's not magic. It doesn't just happen overnight. If the developers rush it, we get a crap API which ends up changing with each release.

    I can fully understand why the core developers say "it'll be ready when it's done", just as much as the plugin developers want to know "yeah, but when will my feature be ready? - I wanna coooooddddddeeeeeee!!!!!"
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    Maybe. But no updates = no new stuff.
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    I **suppose** you could say it's missing some, but look at all they DID do. They stayed up countless hours to give us a build with quartz, the new terrain gen to spawn quartz, new redstone mechanics, hoppers work, the new minecarts, the new pressure plates, trapped chests, the daylight sensor, etc. I can't say I work directly on CraftBukkit (few people do), but I would expect it to be a very difficult thing to do. The very least we can do is not call the builds they nicely give us all for free BS.
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    To be fair, Mojang added that content. CraftBukkit simply adds an interface to it so plugins can use it.
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    aint nobody go time fo dat
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    -On jeb's tweet about a 1.5.2 update....-

    ‏Norways @NorwaysVids
    oh well seems like a new 4 months of waiting on bukkit to update...again :(

    Dan ‏@VortacVids 27 mar
    @NorwaysVids jeb_ 4 months?? Don't give them so much credit!

    ...just wanna point out how Bukkit updates are becoming somewhat of a running joke. Maybe that'll give you some insight of how the community feels.
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    Taking bits of information from one source and presenting it as "how the community feels" does not make that information representative of how the community feels. It is possible that there are a large number of people who don't voice their opinions on twitter or anywhere else for that matter, and they are perfectly happy waiting for a non-rushed, quality build of craftbukkit. People are far more likely to voice their opinions when they are upset about something.

    Also, there are dev builds available.
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    I ran and owned a server for a while, and I mean this in the best possible way: Some of you server owners need to get over yourselves. For the most part, the only way you have a server running the way it does is because of Bukkit. Unless your contributing to the project with code, sit tight, stop complaining, and learn how to keep your community happy. If you think you lost 200 people because of Bukkit, think again.
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    The players will come back to the servers... and the Bukkit team has done an amazing job so far :) thanks guys!! If you can't run a Dev build and you are that worried and cant deal with a bug that pops up you should not be running a server...
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    Because there soooo much code, so that means bugs, which means delayed stable release.
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    Why do you even bother asking when its gonna be ready.... Most people on bukkit know builds take forever. If you want 1.5 stable go code ur own api or run default minecraft_server.jar

    You creating theads like this is own slowing them down...
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    People saying the update will be out when it is is completely true. People say it because that's how it works. I would just love to see some of you haters go through and do everything bukkit does. They spend there time to help everyone else, and all they expect back is some patience. Give them a few weeks. There is so much code that goes into a build that you wouldn't believe it. If you can't wait then go make your own build, I'd love to see how long it takes you. Plus not only do they have to work on the new build, but they also have to fix everyone else's problems, theres thousands of people who use bukkit who all want the build to come out, and there are so many other things to focus on besides a new build! I can't even try to imagine how hard bukkit is working on this, so give them some time and calm yourselves down.
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    It will be out when it's ready.

    Please lock this thread now.
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    Good + Fast = Expensive
    Choose good and fast and we will postpone every other job, cancel all appointments and stay up 25-hours a day just to get your job done. But, don't expect it to be cheap.
    Good + Cheap = Slow
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    Next update the Bukkit team will die with the new update lol more mobs
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    Locked and offtopic/flaming posts removed.

    If we could work any faster, we would.
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