Why is Bukkit polluted with a lot of rubbish plugins?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Tster, Jan 13, 2014.

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    I think part of that issue is the problem feeds on itself. Developers post plugins because they can't find a matching plugin, even though there may be dozens of them already. I think the search tools need revamping. I'm not sure how either, so don't look at me to solve that problem. What I do know is right now, what we have isn't working well.

    One thing I think that should be changed is categories. We have plenty of them, but the fact that a plugin can be put in 5 of them is problematic. I think each plugin should have 1 category that best serves it... maybe 2 at the most (and yes, I have plugins that are in 5 categories, though I would give that up to simplify the search ability)
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    For the record, I believe http://plugins.bukkit.org/beta/ has an improved search.

    Edit: Yes, as stated by TnT here.
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    A rating system that integrates with search (for sorting, at least) would be really nice. :)

    I want to be able to "Like" a plugin, and have those likes don't matter to that plugin's visibility, in the simplest sense.

    I'm not even sure what the list is ordered by now- download count?
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    Likes wont indicate how good plugin is - "a million flies can't be wrong" in action.

    System shoud provide both likes and dislikes and shoud ask every user to motivate his decision, in other case multiple very bad developers with high amount of likes will stay in top of list.
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    Not really, since a search for "chess" turns up 100+ chest-related plugins. But at least ChessCraft (the only plugin in the list which actually has anything to do with chess) is on the first page, albeit half-way down...
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    Well, I said better, not good ;)

    Either way, they probably won't fix it because the search on curse.com works just fine (your plugin is actually the only result). Shame, though, because I hate going on curse. I just use google.
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    I do not agree with the main idea of this topic.

    I am 15 years old and I started coding when I was 13 and released a Essentials recreations. By creating a essentials recreation and uploading it, it helped me see how Bukkit and Managing plugins work.

    These small "Rubbish plugins" are where the big developers are born. Yes, they might not be as good as you want it. But believe me, these plugins mean the world to people that release it. Deleting a project that people have put lots of time and effort into is just plain wrong.

    Also when you guys were talking about how you can not find the plugin you are looking for the first time you search. Deal with it... You have to learn to be pasient. If you can not wait and look threw a few plugins to find the one you are looking for, how can you find the right API or Library in the future.

    Do not make fun of these little plugins, they could be better then your plugin just you do not know. I saw this chess plugin with a computer api and moving blocks and it had less downloads then my essentials very terrible look alike.
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    Tster maybe because people are new to Java and are creating their first plugin? I'm going to make a plugin myself right after I finish reading this book about Java and learn more of the Bukkit API to gain experience. :D
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    you can create plugin and leave it private...
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    RawCode eh but I think it would be great for people to see your skills at coding plugins :D
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    I am 15, and started developing around 12. My first plugin was... READ ON AFTER... a TnTnotifier, a public one. Oh how ironic.

    You know what I noticed?
    I worded this thread POORLY.

    I think I just realised the problem.

    Back in the day, plugins were released on the forum those that were popular, stayed at the top - the very nature of forums, put it on top if somebody comments.

    My plugin TnTnotifier never really got noticed. I felt amazing for releasing a plugin, but it didn't affect server owners because my plugin was drowned by the better ones.

    Later, I released a plugin which I was genuinely proud of, and still am today, OreGen. It was continued by someone else and I just restarted it (he hasn't been active for awhile). That plugin got me tonnes of hits on YouTube (several tens of thousands) and thousands of downloads.

    TL;DR: The old, forum system was better in ways, plugins stayed at the top if they were popular, and generic clones disapeared. I think the current way of finding plugins should include a like/dislike system, or comments (IDK if it does, doesn't seem like it).

    Yours Faithfully,
    Tster, 15

    edit: my continuation of OreGen hasn't even hit 100 downloads in a week.
    Check it out if interested: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/oregen2/
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    This feels so disjointed.
    Plugins in the 'plugin releases' forum, on curse, on bukkitdev. Where does the average admin even go?
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    Sagacious_Zed Bukkit Docs

    Tster The Plugin Release forum is mostly there for archival reasons. Afaik, Curse and BukkitDev are two interfaces to the same database of plugins.
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    Search is easy: http://plugins.bukkit.org/beta/
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    I dont agree with this post.
    And probably in the wrong section.
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    Tster All pull from the same list. But search wise I find BukkitDev favourable.
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