why do i have to op all the players to let them do stuff?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by swordkid01, Feb 4, 2013.

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    for some reason i have to op the players to let them do stuff also do any of u know a good rank plagin besides groupmanager and permissions bukkit
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    PermissionsEX (PEX for short)
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    Pex is good, yes.
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    Khan Jal

    I use pex and ran into the cyclical issue. I still use pex though and am happy with it.
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    I use bPermissions.
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    less than a week ago, why?
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    thx nut i still need to know what causes the op thing

    i use groupmanager

    but ill try permissionsex

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    Sounds like you may have had some problems with your permissions files if you had to OP people. I don't think you need to switch permissions plugins though. Just start the server up again and post your server.log here and I'm sure someone can help find what is causing it. Also, make sure you include your permissions files so they can be fixed. Use pastebin.com or code tags if the files aren't very big.
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    I love how every update to that document gets thinner and thinner with it's actual "proof" against PEX being broken.
    I also love how most of the entries state they are fixed in a dev build as if that means anything. Anyone using PEX with a 1.4.7 server MUST be using a dev build.

    Hell, I use a dev build of essentials... and most of my plugins... even the plugin you support like it's your child has things fixed in the dev builds.

    Most people use a dev build of CB itself too... does that mean it's broken and we shouldn't use it?

    I've never had a problem with PEX.
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    Honestly, I have more issues with people saying permissions of my plugin don't work with GroupManager than PEX or bPermission. Yes at first I was getting a lot of people with PEX issues, but in the last few month it was GroupManager.

    I use the built-in functions of bukkit as that's what Vault does anyway.
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  14. tiwar No, but it has happened in the past.
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    Im just saying,if they fixed it,should Pex still be considered a bad plugin?
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    So when a plugin had problems in the past, we need to continue a campaign against it for the rest of eternity?

    Gm and bPerms need to get over it... they have literally gotten to the point where someone posts about a syntax error in their config files and you guys jump all over it with this stupid document of yours that says a lot less than you think it does... as if to say THAT is why they are having a problem...
  17. lokpique tiwar Neither of you see it this way. If you read it it will "SILENTLY" break plugins, without stack traces, without notifications. I liked and used PEX for a while, but I just moved on to permissionsb by choice. You can still use it, (Doesn't matter to me) but those are just my views. We never created this "Campaign" against it.
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    ok do you have any proof,of what you are saying? not old stuff,have a look at the link i posted.
    i qoute zml2008 "With help from some of the developers participating in that discussion, we've been able to fix all the major issues." end qoute.
    posted today
  19. we've been able to fix all the major issues." -.-
    Enough of this thread.
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    May be why my server has been crashing with no trace of an error. Going to test out bPermisions. [creeper]
  21. That could be caused by memory leaks, not pex.
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    im glad PEX finally fixed SOME things, even though it took a LONG time for them to be fixed.
    also, 2 =/= most of them.
    also, where the hell did it say that it has fixes in devbuilds therefore its broken?
    theres a large difference between the severity and the wait for fix to be published to a devbuild between PEX and CB.

    yes, im saying its bad.

    that will require testing, although i believe this only references the 2 fixes already mentioned in the PEX issues document.
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      • This issue was resolved (in dev builds) January 30, 2013.
        • Not yet in a release build.
    Shows up a few times... and yet they are still listed as "broken features".
  24. Bukkit-API is just lacking very important and very basic points about permissions, thus there exist plugins bypassing it.
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    Not yet in a release build.

    not sure what warped up logic you use, but you seem to misplace a "broken feature" with "OH MY GOD ITS BROKEN DONT USE X"
    yes, its not yet in a release build, which people use, thus its listed. or you prefer people dont know what known issues on the current build they have?
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    You can question my logic all you wish. The fact still remains that you are at the forefront of a bunch of people who needlessly post your agenda against PEX on a regular basis.

    And, are you trying to say you've never told people to stop using PEX? Because that's pretty funny if that is what you are getting at here...
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    following your logic you could go to every single thread, say "these people hate PEX!" because they posted on some other thread.

    you seem to attack logic rather then explain why you think PEX isnt bad.
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    Im not here to tell people which addon is better than others, that's why. Someone posts a problem with PEX, I help with their PEX problem. If they post one about GM or bPerms... I help with their GM or bPerms problem. All without feeling a need to slander the other guy because I happen to be a fanboy of one.

    Any time I HAVE tried to explain why PEX isn't bad, someone pipes up with the "oh well it broke but you just didn't know cuz that's how it breaks" line... so why bother justifying it?

    I've also never said the other plugins are BAD... never posted a 3 page document trashing on one of them... i offer the help in the context to which people are asking for help.

    And dude, I did explain why I use PEX over any of the others ages ago to you... even recommended a basic feature that would make GM a viable option for me.

    So why isn't PEX bad? Because it works flawlessly for me and several others who use it.


    ... really?

    Are we reading the same thread, here? This IS all the same thread...

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