Why cant anyone but me Join my server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Bluebossa3jp, Jun 25, 2011.

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    Alright, well i can/have hosted a minecraft server without using the Bukkit software but when i did add it i could only join using my ip and my external ip did not work as it did in the older server so i know i have portforwarded correctly because i have hosted it before but for some reason bukkit will not let anyone connect under the correct ip address... I am not sure what to do has anyone had this problem before and if so i would greatly appriceate your help :p
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    needs more punctuations, but you generally can connect to your own external ip without actually forwarding your ports, all depends on what your setup is. But generally if other people can't join and told them the right ip, you've got a firewall issue.
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    I cannot connect to it using my external ip only the and im not sure what program to allow throught the firewall.
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    Well there are a few, windows has one, then any other internet security software you use will also have one, then if you're using a router (which mostly everyone does) that also has one. Then your ISP may also haev some ports blocked which you can't do anything about. Windows firewall exceptions are just menus after menus that you just have to go through to allow the connection, someone'll probably have to talk you through that as I've always had them disabled. Internet security software you'll need to go through your self as well, though mainly look for keywords such as firewall settings and exceptions. Router firewalls/ports are generally logging in with or and forwarding that way.

    As for your current, if you can connect from outside with a vanilla server, make sure that one, your bukkit server.prop settings has the server port set to the right one, and two it's likely possible that windows is just blocking that program from accessing the internet.
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    Well I have tried that before and when it didnt work i move it all to a second folder and just played in the basic server hoping I could get this fixed. I went to the firewall page and ran down the list but nothing looked minecraft related except for Java and do you thing AVG could be the problem?
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    bukkit, and vanilla servers for that matter are run under java.exe for the most part, think the exe server runs under javaw.exe, but think for the purposes of windows firewall it'll be listed under the minecraft_server.exe or whatever. If you've got vista/7 it should ask you whether or not you want to allow the application to the internet when you first start it. AVG free doesn't offer any firewall services, less you're paying for something else. It's really easier to fix things in person.
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    Well i have windows 7 Ultimate and if it helps I can Talk on skype or if all else fails Xbox live lol
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    i have this problem too
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    i am available to use teamviewer (or skype remote control)to walk you through this after 6 pm eastern standard time. I will do this on one condition, you have to pay it back in community service and help others :p i cant inforce that of cource but it would be nice :p

    my skype nick is same as here
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