Who remembers hMod? (bukkit 1.5 distraction post)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by tomnicklin, Mar 14, 2013.

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    hMod was the platform I used before bukkit, when I knew nothing about running a MC server and found it hard to even chang the MOTD, Then big old fancy Bukkit came around and piledrived it into oblivion :D cant believe thats like 2 years ago now!
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    My server started out on hMod something like 2-3 years ago.. wonder where Heyo is today.. wonder if he is kicking himself for quitting the minecraft modding biz.. his departure basically what kicked off bukkit.
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    i remember hmod my first server ran on it
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    I actually got into minecraft about the time that hmod was dead and bukkit was coming about. I remember trying to find hmod as everyone told me to get it.. I finally got bukkit. That feels like forever ago now.

    So I remember hmod, but I never actually ran it.
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    I'm in the same boat. A friend was running his server using hmod. When I decided to set a server up myself hmod was no longer a thing.
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    We still have a server running hmod.
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    This statement is false as the Bukkit project wasn't even started until after Hey0 said he was leaving.

    Speaking of hMod... I did a few plugins in hMod.
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    I remember back in the hMod days where creating a server was somewhat significant. I realize it was not any more difficult than it is today, but the Minecraft population when I began with hey0's mod was ~600,000 and the forums were not spammed so frequently. Advertising outside of a post on the MCForums was never even necessary... servers just kind of filled up on their own.

    Hey0 seemed to neglect his developers towards the end of his project though. I remember Grum and Dinnerbone rolling out nearly all the updates before Bukkit was announced. The per-command permissions were kind of nice, but that was only when there weren't that many plugins and therefore commands to deal with. I'm curious how he feels about Bukkit's success.

    hMod days... 6th grade, a full server, enough money rolling in to buy all the candy I could consume before slipping in to a coma, and plenty of Minecraft. It was the life!
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    The death of hMod is what prompted me to learn minecraft modding, before then I had no experience with minecraft modding but the server I played on needed features like warps, kits and so on so I offered to make a bukkit mod myself. A mod which I am still regularly updating even today =]
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    Yeah. I just... lost interest in minecraft, and in developing the mod. I was a pretty immature 15 year old at the time. I definitely could have handled it better.
    Definitely not. I'd lost interest.
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    You're still a legend. I have to ask though, how'd you manage to write that API when you were just 15?
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    Deleted user

    You, sir, will always be in my heart even if you're MIA.
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    Ah yes, I remember hMod fondly. I had gotten into the vanilla-Minecraft-server scene in October of 2010. Shortly thereafter, one of my members recommended hMod, so I installed it and was quite pleased with the extensibility it provided. And shortly after that was when hey0 understandably decided to move on from Minecraft, so we switched to Bukkit.

    I may just have to fire up one of our original backups running hMod and start nostalgia-ing, just for grins and giggles. :D
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    Well if it isn't the best host in the world!!
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    You did a damn fine job back then for an "immature 15 year old". Just saying. Our server is nearing its 3 year anniversary this coming summer, needless to say it ran on your mod back in the day.
  16. You used the past tense, "I had lost interest". Are you implying you have rekindled your passion for MineCraft?
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    Oh hMod :) I just joined when all of the sudden everyone pretty much moved to Bukkit. Fun times!
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    Ah damn, can't open my profile on this page ;) (Joined: Nov 2010)
    I remember this good old time. What was my first server, Alpha 1.1?!

    I also remember the old good Permissions-System, the simple groups.txt file.


    And no Multiworlds, so we had to setup one server per world and connect it with "Serverport"

    HAHA, our old Alpha 1.2 Server-Video, run @ hmod :D
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    Jobsti @0:29 What plugin/mod is that o.o cant believe i have not seen anything like that for bukkit
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    Oh wow :3 never used craftbook :p
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