Who Is The Deceiver

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by MieskeB, Mar 12, 2017.

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  1. Plugin category: Minigame

    Minecraft version: 1.11+

    Suggested name: Who Is The Deceiver

    What I want: Players are going to play small minigames which are easy with good teamwork. However, there is 1 deceiver. At the end of every minigame everyone needs to answer who the deceiver is, the player who is wrong (if there are more players this will be randomly picked) will leave the game and put into spectator mode. The person who is left last will get a command which is customizable in the config files.

    I want every minigame to be in 1 world, so they get teleported to the next minigame. I also want join signs in the lobbies and multigame support. The deceiver gets at the start of the game randomly picked. All the minigames are commandblock supported. The whole world needs to be resetted after the game has ended.

    I also would like to get the full code of this plugin. I am trying to learn creating plugins too :)

    Join sign looks like the following:
    Create a game sign:
    1st line: [witd]
    2nd line: <game>
    3th line:
    4th line:

    Game join:
    1st line: ChatColor.GOLD + "[join]"
    2nd line: ChatColor.BLACK + MAPNAME
    3th line: ChatColor.BLACK + "Players" + ChatColor.GRAY + "[" + ChatColor.CYAN + GETPLAYERSINGAME + ChatColor.GRAY + "/" + ChatColor.CYAN + GETMAXPLAYERS + ChatColor.GRAY + "]"
    4th line: ChatColor.LIME + "Waiting"

    1st line: ChatColor.RED + [ingame]
    2nd line: ChatColor.BLACK + MAPNAME
    3th line: ChatColor.BLACK + "Players" + ChatColor.GRAY + "[" + ChatColor.CYAN + GETPLAYERSINGAME + ChatColor.GRAY + "/" + ChatColor.CYAN + GETMAXPLAYERS + ChatColor.GRAY + "]"
    4th line: ChatColor.LIME + "Ingame"

    Ideas for commands:
    /witd join <game> - joins the game.
    /witd leave - leaves the current game.
    /witd tp <player> <game> <minigameid> - teleports the player to the next minigame


    /witd settp <game> <number> - first minigame is 1 so every minigame gets an id, sets the teleports.
    /witd setmainlobby <game> - when the game is done they get teleported here.
    /witd setminplayers <game> - set the minimum of players when the countdown start running.
    /witd setmaxplayers <game> - set the maximum of players in a game.
    /witd setlobby <game> - waiting lobby.
    /witd save <game> - saves the world so when it resets this will put it in the current formation command blocks and redstone needs to be resetted too!

    Ideas for permissions:
    witd.use - able to use the signs.
    witd.join - access to the /witd join and /witd leave command.
    witd.createsign - able to create signs
    witd.admin - access to the setup commands.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible!

    If someone could make this possible I would be very happy!!! :D Thanks in advance!!!

    I have this minigame referred to a television programm called "Wie is de Mol". It is a Dutch programm. I have a video (it does include English subtitles with that subtitle function from YouTube) which you could watch to get a better view of what I mean:

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    What kind of minigames would you want? And I would gladly share the source! I'm not a pro coder myself, but I will have a look at it. However, I have an life and school to, so I'm not really quick.
  3. I want to build the minigames myself using command blocks. I only want to reset the plugin to reset the game and do the other things described above
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    Just a quick sumary, is this ok?
    1. Join a game
    2. The game randomly chooses the deceiver
    3. Play minigame.
    4. At the end of the minigame, execute the command /witd execution <game>(command block)
    5. Then, a gui will show up, telling them to choose the deceiver.
    6. The one that is wrong (if multiple are wrong the slowest) will get "killed" and put in spectator mode, and his chat will be disabled.
    7. Then, the command /witd proceed <game> will be automaticly executed (you can call it manually to skip a minigame or the execution.
    8. Repeat until there are 3 players left (the Deiver is one of them)
    9. Final execution
    10. The last player (not the deceiver) will get something, configurable in the config.
    11. World resets


    # Variables:
    # {1} winner/first, {2}, second etc.
    # {DECEIVER} deceiver
    command: @console:/pay {1} 10 && @console:/pay {DECIEVER} 10 && @{1}:/me has won an Who is the Deceiver game! && @{DECEIVER}:/me was the Deceiver && @console:/say Congrats, {1} and {DECEIVER}!
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  5. Yeahhh thats exactly how I want it!!!
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    Ok, will start to work on it soon. It will take some time, I'm realy busy with school right now, and I'm going to comment all the code.
  7. Thank you very much!
  8. How is everything going?
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    I'm sorry, I'm currently really busy with school, I am free in 2 weeks, and will then start really work on it.
  10. Thank you for the update!
  11. How is progress coming along?
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    I'm really sorry that I didn't tell you anything in the last month. I'm currently (still) really busy with school, and I'm also really busy with my server. This request takes a lot of time because I currently don't have a template for a minigame. Maybe after I made some skywars plugins and such I can look back at this, but it ain't gonna happen this month or the next. Maybe someone else is interested, but for me it's simply not doable at this moment.
  13. Okay still thank you for everything!
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