who caused my tnt death

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by ChillerKraft, Jan 3, 2015.

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    im thinkin there should be a way for tnt explosion deaths to know who caused the death, and to be used in death message (ChillerKraft killed Victim00143 with tnt), and stats for pvp deaths etc idk
    this seems very difficult, so i'm not expecting much out of this except reason this wont be possible...
    but i can imagine how it could possibly work.
    i would realy want it to work with the minigames bukkit plugin, as i want to make tnt wars, but theres no way to count tnt kills as deaths towards your team.
    only think i seem to be able to do is have the death take points away from the victims team, and i might just need to do that for now.
    people who walk on traps and get killed could note the last person to place the tnt or pressure plate etc, as the person who killed the player, but thats kinda wierd, :/
    the person who dispensed, ignited, or caused the chain reaction that eventually lead to the ignition and explosion of the tnt that killed someone,
    that last one seems nicer, but i doubt it would be able to work well with other plugins,
    maybe there outa be made a better tnt wars plugin,
    or maybe someone can work together with me to make my very first plugin, and help me learn how to make one finally, whilst making a really great plugin..
    i put a lot of time and dedication into minecraft, im ready for minecraft challenges, if i am interested
    especially making plugins.
    anyways, i put lots in here, would love to hear absolutly anything from anyone in this thread :) peace!
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    i just wanna be able to play tnt wars and have deaths by tnt show up with the killers name (person who caused the tnt to be ignited and shot) i know this is all very difficult to work with but, i think there can be a way to make simply that occur.. i should probably mention this to the maker of the spigot tnt wars plugin
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