Who are your favorite plugin developers?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by DrAgonmoray, Nov 20, 2011.

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    Who are your favorite devs? Let's not hurt people's feelings here (so don't say your least favorite)
    My top 3 favorite, not in order are @codename_B @bergerkiller and @Afforess
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    @Afforess for shaking up the forum with delicious rants and drama.
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    @DrAgonmoray well thanks you :)
    My favourites are @Afforess for being so productive and listening to requests/reports so well and @Shamebot for the many times he helped me out with native nms coding. Without Shamebot I would probably still be messing around with casting and getHandle :)
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    used to be @GeMoschen for the falsebook ic`s but in the last few months he has taken to ignoring his creation (though he updated today)
    @Afforess for minecartmania, was high in my idol list but that wont be updated till september, and the spout thing seems to still not deliver the main thin it promised, single player mods in multiplayer (though it is still amazing the stuff he has added)
    @cybertan (i think thats his name) was the only dev to create working elevators (ones that caused blocks to move as oposed to the simple tele between signs we have now) he should always be classed as a god of programming for that...but he too vanished (i think the other "lift" plugin creators have hid him

    at the moment i have no favorite, all of them are good they all add stuff to improve our game out of thier own free time, i do have one i dislike but thats cos he keeps making his plugin different and breaking compatability with prevous plugins that use it (i am not gonna mention his name but soon as i say this, any server admin will know who i mean... version 6 caused me such a headache i very nearly ditched the who thing)

    ***WAIT NO***
    @Dinnerbone is my favorite.. but not for his plugin work, for the fact he is often working non stop to update bukkit (a one man coding army)
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    Mine not in any particular order are.

    SK89q, Cheesier, Ikehoff (The last 2 are my server Devs for the server I own so I have to go with them :p)
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    EvanPrime Sk89qq SpoutDev EssentialsTeam Much more
    If i Misspelled The names
    I am sorry :/
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    The only reason it hasn't, is because it takes time to develop. Nobody said it would be instantly done as soon as we started the project.
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    No but it was its reason for starting (well bukkit contrib) to be a more stable way to bring single player mods into the bukkit fold then say itemcraft, in that sense it has not really succeeded and seems to be focusing on getting GUI custom sounds etc into the bukkit enviroment, which it does VERY well, i think you may of read what i said out of context (or more likely i explained it wrongly) afforess used to be one of my favorite devs as minecartmania was just amazing, he abandoned it to work on spout with the message that he would return to minecartmania in september (presumably when spout was finished, well ok not finished butt achieving its main objective) it is now november and minecartmania is so neglected that it is no longer usable, and the project he went to seems no closer to having single player mods in the game then it did back in august and thierfore he is unlikly to return to minecartmania which lowers my personal opinion of him simply because we cant have minecart mania (not that i feel im entitled to anything or that i feel he owes us anything, just personal opinion and i feel a little bad for it)

    I believe you read it as "spout is fail as it no support single player mods" that was not my intention, sorry
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    You mean Drakia :p
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    Now that's another kind of special :)
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    Mine is Sk89q, though now he abandoned us pretty much, my vote goes out to Drakia for his awesome drama.
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    Special legendary.
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    He still plans on starting a team for Minecart Mania 2.0 which will most likely be a complete rewrite, but Spout has been the priority. You can't expect exact dates when all of this is being done in our spare time. We do not get paid for any of this and things will get done as there is time to do them.

    We're adding new API and features to Spout and Spoutcraft all the time. Saying that we are no closer is completely incorrect. SpoutcraftAPI is nearly usable and addons will be able to be made before the end of the year. As I said, things take time so you need to have patience and not expect things to be done instantly and work perfectly.
    http://jddev.spoutcraft.org/ << You can view the completed parts of the API for yourself. Obviously that is more than we started with in August.

    Wild assumptions get you nowhere.
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    They take time to do something they don't get payed for. I've watched people code, have done some myself, it's not exactly the most enjoyable thing. I really love every person trying to help another person with a plugin that hasn't been created before.
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    In the link: whore-your-favorite-plugin-developers

    Just saying :D
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    For a "My Favorite User" thread, I would say anyone who understands and appreciates the work that plugin developers do is my favorite user. :)
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    this. :)
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    @Afforess if only because I'm a Spout fanboy
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    Nathan C

    I like every plugin dev too.

    EXCEPT the kids that go and steal code from an inactive plugin, post it as their own and receive a dev tag on the forum.
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    It has an apostrophe, so it means "Who are"
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    Not in the link it didn't!

    I know your secret!
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    @Nathan C *snicker* I know all about it xD
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    sk89q, Afforess, Plague, Nijikokun and codename_b :D
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    You gandalf fanboys...
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    I have just recently been getting active in the community of the site, and Have surprisingly met a lot of Plugin Developers. They all seem extremely young, and you can tell by the comments they make, and basic grammatical errors. This is not necessarily a bad thing, I just cannot really say I have gotten to talk onto a more deeper conversation than simple forum posts, If I had to chose one he would be: @Daniel Heppner, He seems very "chill" and seems enjoyable to talk with.
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