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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by akaBruce, Feb 18, 2012.

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    Hey guys, one of my players constantly shows a White name on TAB's player list even when other players have their correct corresponding colour. I tried deleting his Userdata on Essentials and his User Info in the world folder, but he keeps having the white name.

    What do I do? It doesn't have any error codes, just this mysterious white name.
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    I also have the problem. except 1/3 of my players have that..
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    Did you find out how to fix it?
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    Nope, it doesn't actually bother me. I was wondering if it was creative.. but obviously not. Then I wondered if it was for players in your region, not that. I honestly don't know?
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    This is so annoying :/
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    What permissions plugin are you guys using?
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    Im using GroupManager and GroupManagerBridge from Essentials.

    Also, if you give them a coloured nickname, it becomes coloured but they don't want a nickname

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    somehow all the players with white names on my server are those who i think use hacked clients. possible/not? discuss
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    Probably not, but it could be possible
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    So are there any fixes yet?
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    You can give them a coloured nickname, but only for a new nickname, you cant just colour their name.
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    i use pex and i notice same problem but not only on my server cause i help others via skype and they stream me their video from pc and all servers i seen got white names when perssing TAB and it happens even with clean clients without any mods

    i think its problem with new minecraft version cause they was changing some chat option so they could bug some options

    even so i was trying with pex and wind essentials all trick i can to change color of that nicknames with no result only in chat colors appears but not when i press TAB but who cares many ppl even dont know u can press TAB to view player list
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    I have OCD...
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