Which would be less resource intensive?

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Which do you think would be less intensive?

  1. Multiple small worlds?

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  2. One big world?

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    I have been asked to create a plugin that makes personal islands for players. The players should not be able to get to another players island. I was wondering if it would be more resource intensive to make a new world for each player or to make islands far enough from each other that players would not bother going to another's?
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    Probably a world generation like the SkyBlock plugin or something.
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    How do they do it?
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    Do it so that all the islands spawn in the same world and make it so that players can't dig/build on others islands. You can also make it so that once the player is let's say 200 blocks away from his island, he can't go out any further.
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    in case of SkyBlock scenario - autocreate WG region on island and large area around, deal with ender pearls and players wont visit other islands as long as they not invited by island owner or island owner did something stupid.
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    What if the islands are 100x100?
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    They are 128x128
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