Which server host to go with?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by fussionzz97, May 2, 2012.

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    Get a VPS or a Dedicated server. Minecraft specific hosting is just asking for trouble.
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    That's not true. Going with some VPS or dedicated servers is just asking for trouble in the same way. Obviously if you're trying to go with cheap hosting you're going to have issues.
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    Hey guys im looking for someone that can host a bukkit server for free about an hour a day. Anyone have any ideas?​
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    chaseoes Retired Staff

    [pig][diamond][tnt][creeper][tnt][diamond][pig] you say? I can only reply to that with one thing:​
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    TnT Retired Staff

    A single hour each day? Why not just join an existing server?
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    nfoservers is the way to go, been with them for almost a year and havnt had ANY problems what so ever:)
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    i want a private bukkit server for some friends but they have school, and during their free time im at school and dont have the time to host it myself.[creeper][creeper][pig]
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    TnT Retired Staff

    You have no time, and no money? Do you want whomever is going to host the server to set it up for you as well?

    That's quite the request you have.
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    Check out DemonVPS, their prices are really affordable, they use SSDs and they have EU and US locations... [diamond]
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    chaseoes Retired Staff

    I wouldn't really trust them, their website looks pretty shitty and their TOS uses the term "hacker programs".
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    I hosted with them for a while and had no problems, I had the gold Minecraft package and it handled all of my 40 plugins.

    Edit: I'm also hosting my Tekkit server with them, so far so good... They even moved my VPS onto their SSD array and the server starts in around 2 seconds and saves the world instantly. :)
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    1. I do have money.​
    2.I don't earn enough money to sustain the server 24/7 or whatever the hosts offer.​
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    Beastnode is where it's at.

    Good prices, good servers, and a free mumble server.
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    i'm sorry if this seems dumb but what on earth is a mumble server?
    [fire]+[tnt]=Angry friend :mad:
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    Mumble is a voice chat software. So you get a place where all of your members can connect and chat.
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    I personally go with dotcloud. You do have to manage your server yourself, but they give you 3.5GB of RAM. And thats for free. You can also ask them to scale your app up to 32GB, once again for free. You can also go 'Live', which costs money but you get support for your apps. You will have to learn how to use putty, and very likely winscp et al, but in my opinion is worth it. 24/7, by the way.
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    Beastnode is great. 24/7 uptime and if there's ever an issue, you can send in a ticket and it gets replied to within a few hours. :)
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