Which is the Best Permissions Plugin?

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Which Is The Best Permissions Plugin?

  1. PermissionsEx (PEX)

  2. GroupManager

  3. bPermissions

  4. Other

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    I prefer bPermissions. It is simple to use, and has a great many features that make administrating a server easier (like promotion tracks)
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    I've always used PEX since the origional Permissions plugin stopped being supported. It was the easiest to transition to, and I think it offers the most functionality. I've heard that PEX can often break plugins, but I have yet to see that happen.
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    Although old and unsupported, I find myself using PermissionsBukkit all the time- I like it. Theres no definitive best permissions plugin- this topic is all about opinion.
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    I love GroupManager, I've always sucked at permissions, and PermsEX didn't help with my permissions "skills" and when I found GroupManager, it was really easy and exactly what I needed.

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    PEX ftw :D
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    I prefer pex as i know the codebase and trust the author that he as a deep knowledge of how to correctly use design patterns and how to design a robust permission system.

    The learning curve may be high at first cause its not very easy to find documentations quick at first but when you leave the old habbit of "manually hacking stuff into a yml file" behind yourself then its easy to handle. Via console the autocomplete feature can be used and is awesome to use and i dont want to miss that ever.

    Also when using mysql server the tables can be easily redirected into a VIEW (virtual table) to use with third party applications.
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    I prefer GroupManager for my private server, but PermissionsEx for my public server as PermissionsEx is so much more powerful than GroupManager. As far as I can tell from looking around PEX seems to be the most popular (And no not all of my data is from the poll).
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    I should create "Why xyz is bad" docs too as i have seen this link many times now what is the purpose of posting it here MrBluebear3 ? Do you have something to suggest or should someone just guess what you could say?
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    I didn't make it, a Moderator on here did, I forget who. Anyhoo it basicly explains why Permissions Ex can cause numerous problems. Basicly, I'm saying why I don't use Permissions Ex. I tend to use PermissionsBukkit personally, for it's simplicity and multiworld permissions :)
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    MrBluebear3 i know who created it but thats not the point here. Its just not fair to just post a link and let the visitor decide what to think about it when the headline states "Why PermissionsEx is broken".

    Think of it if there would be pages about every single plugin "Why plugin is broken" would you like that as a developer? Also its out of context as its written from one perspective. There are only vague arguments about the intentions like "wasted hours to argue with the developer about his bugs". What bugs?

    Even if it was listed in the "Frequently comments section" as "most likely argument" The document itself reads like making advertisement for other plugins.

    Also if there would be an answer to that from the plugin-author it would be fair but there isnt at least i dont know about it. He probably doesn't even know that its available in public so at least from my point of view a description is required why posting this link in this context as you did now.

    Thanks for that MrBluebear3.
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    I really like PEX, although it 'breaks' bukkit.
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    I would like it if somebody made a document saying all the flaws with my plugin because then I could go about fixing them. The author of the document gave himself the job of ensuring that the flaws still apply and he has done so, whereas as you have stated, the author has not written an argument saying why the issues are not relevant nor that they have been fixed.

    The bugs that the original page author has mentioned are informed to the reader later in the article. Also the developer must surely be aware due to him having been contacted by the author of the page about the bugs. Else, it is not my duty to tell him.

    You're welcome.
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    MrBluebear3 i was stating that it was not mentioned when talking about it. You have to read the full document to get to the point. If you refer to something there should be at least something like "read section xy". Also later on he was talking about "issues" not bugs as a bug is most known as a stopper like you cant use the plugin.

    But apperently at least i did not have any issues described there and i really do use this plugin heavily. Plus the point like "SQL lag out server" is really bugging me but well. I rather will discuss this with the author as this is most likely more effective than discussing this here as this would not be fair.
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    Yeah, if you believe the article is incorrect at places, it would probably be more effective and productive to take that up with the author of the document :p
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    PermissionsEx would not work for me no matter what I tried :mad:
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    bPermissions. <3
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    I mainly use PEX just because I got used to it's permission layout.
  21. Why use permissions? /op MysteryManX93 is all the staff I need.
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    I believe it should be /op codename_B

    bPermissions FTW!
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    They all do the same thing, they just have different formats.
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    bPermissions 3 (not finished yet) will be the best :p
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    I'm so Vlad to here !
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    Moved to Bukkit Discussion!
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    they have the same features..? (other than regex and SQL, while GM has advanced multiworld)
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    Pex because it has only one permissions file and works fine.
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    Thanks c0mp, wow this thread really exploded on me sorry I couldn't reply I have been REALLY busy working on a new project. :)

    They are all the same but lots of people are used to PEX so on my public server thats what I use. I have looked at bPermissions and it seems pretty great so I might switch over to that!
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    I can't say what's the best because I haven't used all of them, but I really like Privileges.
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