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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Loogeh, Apr 16, 2014.

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    Hey, I've never learn vector math before, therefore, I only have a limited amount of knowledge. Can anyone point me to a site or video series where I can learn and acquire a relatively deep understanding of how it works in games and how to control entities' movements?

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    Loogeh <Edit by Jade: Removed shortened link.>
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    What I did was I read stack overflow answers about similar problems with regards to vectors. The answers weren't always about bukkit or even java for that matter but I got a general understanding of the concept and was able to translate that into minecraft.
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    MrSnare Okay, i'll try this, cheers
    ButterSquidz I looked at some websites from Google and while they were helpful in how vectors are added, subtracted, etc... It didn't allow me to understand how changing a player's velocity vector will alter their movements
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    This guy does some great youtube videos. Jorge Rodriguez His series is titled Math for Game Developers and illustrates examples then shows you the code after word. The math is not very important because the computer does the hard parts and bukkit has a lot of vector math methods already in the api. These tutorials can help you figure out what type of math you will need to do to get your desired results.
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