Where is CraftBukkit for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3?

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Jul 11, 2011.

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    When will we get a Recommended Build for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3? Why did this update take so long?
    When Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 came out, most of us on the team were not available at the time to deal with the update, causing the update to take longer than it usually would. As it was a small update, however, we were still eventually able to get a compatible build out for testing and people that like to be on the edge of technology.

    Unfortunately, around the same time the update came out, we were having issues with our build process, resulting in a complete halt of development and deployment and causing us to scramble to put together a temporary solution to address the issue in the meantime. While the team was able to do this in a reasonable amount of time, myself and another admin on the team was away out of town on a scheduled absence. This absence resulted in our inability to address any of the issues that came up until I got back Sunday evening, including our lack of communication which I'll explain in more detail later on in this article.

    So, having said all that, why isn't there a Recommended Build yet? Well, after Minecraft 1.7.2 came out, we thought that the rapid-fire Minecraft updates were done with and we could continue on with our usual development schedule and methods. Whenever we get wind of the possibility of an update, the project is immediately put under a code freeze - no more commits, unless absolutely necessary; no pull requests are handled; no changes are made whatsoever - so that we have a stable, non-changing base to work with when making changes to our code to make things compatible with the update that eventually comes out. Since we were under the impression the updates had ceased, we were slowly unfreezing the code and allowing commits once again. Unfortunately, as Minecraft 1.7.3 has come out since then, this has left the project in a messy state that isn't exactly suitable for promotion of a Recommended Build. Once we've cleaned things up again and addressed any issues that have come up through testing, we'll have a Recommended Build out soon after.

    Why did it take so long for an announcement to be made about the status of the update?
    Quite a few of you within the community have expressed concerns regarding the lack of communication on our end, to which I completely, and wholeheartedly agree. Truth be told, this last Minecraft update couldn't have come out at a worse time: quite a few of us on the team were not available over the weekend as we each had plans to go out of town, leaving many of us without access to internet or any ability to communicate any news with the community. Had we been able to communicate with you, I assure you we would have done so.

    We did not mean to leave you in the dark and sincerely apologise for doing so. We recognise that many people who came from hMod were not happy with the lack of communication between the development team and the community and addressing this issue was one of the main reasons I started up Bukkit with Dinnerbone. We completely understand that people have grown to depend on us to keep their servers up to date in a timely fashion and are very thankful for the patience everyone has shown while waiting for an update from us. To that end, we hope this post explains things thoroughly enough to show you that we appreciate your support and are still actively working hard on Bukkit.

    Lastly, since we know that some of you will ask anyway: yes we do have access to the Minecraft source, however we are not able to use the source to update CraftBukkit as their formats are incompatible. Our speedy updates are the result of a lot of experience and fine-tuning the update process we have, not due to having the source.
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    And it all boils down to this:
    Mojang should STOP kicking out non-working updates, which need a fix and then the fix needs a fix and then a whole new update needs to come in with new fixes for the fixes. That's just laughable and actually what has been going on for the last few versions (but in the end they all worked - but as of the sign/chest bug WHICH IS A MAJOR REASON not to use/play it and then not really planning and working to put out a new update to fix it and basically leaving it to the open source guys is hard stuff). I love minecraft and what Notch and his team have put into the world, but I disagree with what's going on from the main developer right now.

    First I had planned not to answer to this topic but well finally I couldn't resist. We're all dedicated minecrafters I think and here we can read what can be improved. Let's make something out of it.

    On another part of the topic: even if Bukkit can still be improved, I'm still thankful for all the team does and has brought to daylight.
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    we are using cb974, with out any issue at all, and have been for a few days now, take your time guys none of us are in a rush, it all works fine at mo were happy :)
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    Good job bukkit team. Hope you can get us an RB out soon!
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    There was somebody around that picked it up and released a working version. I do not see why there would be any issues to begin with. I mean I have run every released version since 1.7.3 came out and now and not one of them has shown any signs of error or conflict. @ the community (the other side), if you guys would spend as much time doing a backup, and running the builds that were released for 1.7.3 as you apparently did fussing @ bukkit then you would've been running a happy server this whole time :/ (Currently running build #978)

    Use the plugin, RestartNow... set it to restart the server automatically every X (hours, mins, etc.) or restart X amt of time of having no players logged in. Works great!

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    Thanks for the update ES! I've been patiently waiting and won't mind waiting even longer :)
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    if i read this correctly, there's an unrecommended build.must get.where from though?
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    There are a lot of unrecommended builds, check here:
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    Taked easy version 1.7.2 Works great and i think minecraft 1.7.4 is not far away
    and you can skip the 1.7.3 Update :)

    I love bukkit it work so simple and it runns great AWSOMME...

    THX for yours Work and sorry for my bad english

    PS: And do not stress because of the information junkies... this peoples sucks
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    And this is your slowest update ever?
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    I probably shouldn't even respond to this, as it isn't constructive in any manner, however: if you had read my post you'd have seen that I said we already have a compatible build out that you're free to use if you want to. It just isn't recommended. But I get that you're complaining just to complain, so I'll leave you to it.
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    So, should I install cb974 or cb978?

    Seen a couple recommendations and wondered if anyone had a reason to choose one of those even over the cb987. There just have been many builds since those two and wondered if I should go with one of the recent cb. Sorry for asking for the help deciding which to use but thank you to whomever is willing to help me out. :D
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    You're best off using b987. It's nearing the point where I am satisfied with it and it could become an RB. We've still got a few things I want to address before an RB, but we've dealt with most of the issues that were blocking a Recommended Build from being promoted. We are still looking into the sign, chest, furnaces etc. being wiped under certain circumstances and there is a chance that we won't have a fix ready for this Recommended Build.
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    I did read your post, and im not complaining. im frustrated over having to stick on this build that has been a problem since the day i put it on my server, and no help whatsoever on the IRC channel.
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    Damn, I had hopes you may have fixed this issue in one of the current builds as I began to read the new answers to this thread, as for me it's the biggest problem with the current minecraft update/version. Keep up the good work, guys.
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    Thank you for that clarification! I appreciate that and look forward to getting b987 up and running!

    Donation coming your way, Bukkit team!
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    I can't say i've heard about this ever happening on my server.
    What certain circumstances? :)


    Maybe Notch is testing the bukkit dev's too see if they are good enough to make the cut :D

    "fix my bugs. and i'll hire you" (n)

    (just kidding) :)
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    What happens when you guys reach B999 + 1 ?? will it be B1000 !? I wonder.

    Keep up the job work guys! You are truly the reason why so many people can host great mine craft servers!

    But let's not forget to thank all the plugin developers, without them, we wouldn't have great plugins.
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    Geoff Winans

    Get over it. Learn some java and help out. Report bugs. Don't pointlessly cry about it.

    You say you aren't complaining and then you complain. Fail.
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    Here's a hint - you are never "stuck" with any builds. If one build is giving you trouble, try another one. Most plugins won't break between builds I find. With a bit of simple backing up, you can try new builds without fear.
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    Totally agree with Geoff on this one. You are definitely complaining and ad Geoff pointed out you could be helping
    making the process faster by reporting bugs.
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    And this is the information I came looking for, Thanks. Was curious what a "rough" timetable for a RB would be.
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    Naah i wanna cry

    Alright, thank you :)
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    Personally, I don't mind how long it takes for an update. My server needs the sign bug fixed up before we can update. We use lockette and ChestShop and if it happens once I'll hear about it everytime.
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    tbh guys i know how hard this stuff is, coding was never one of my strong points so im glad theres someone out there to do it for me. keep up the hard work
    ps everyone deserves a break so don't let any bad comments stop you
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    I find it just amazing to see how many people are bitching at the Bukkit Team and Mojang...

    I mean Minecraft is in beta, and I find that a perfectly acceptable excuse for the updates to contain bugs, and of course the Bukkit Team has to either squash those bugs for SMP or bring CB up to date with the new client additions.

    Where in this process is anyone promised a 100% working game? I don't see anywhere on Mojang's site or Bukkit's saying that there will not be problems with the client. So whats with all the bitching about problems and all this BS about Mojang being terrible? If they are so terrible, then why did you buy the game in the first place, and why haven't you just quit playing it?

    If I was so dissatisfied with a game, I would just stop playing it. If I had a huge problem with Bukkit, I would use a different server software, or hell even go vanilla. I don't find it fair for people to bitch about Bukkit being behind when they aren't contributing a damn thing to the project.

    I think Mojang and the Bukkit Team are doing a great job!
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    i was wondering why there was not an RB, but figured it might be something like that. could yall look into the pistons. my server putting them pushing down. i am not sure if it is yall, or a plugin.
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    I do have a problem if Bukkit doesn't release a RB, that's because my server is being hosted by Servercraft (The best host evaah ^.^) and they use McMyAdmin so if I would want to update Bukkit I can only update it to a RB...
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    Well, we paid money, so people generally expect a working product. And the beta excuse would work if Mojang was actually fixing bugs. They just fix the few critical ones, and ignore the rest.

    It is possible to both a) like the game and b) get annoyed with the developers. I choose to keep playing the game, and also bring up flaws. I mean, that's why we're "beta testing" it, right?
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    I think some people are getting confused. I beloved most would be happy if team bukkit just gave a rough idea when you think you might get done updating your finest piece of work!

    Hows the updating going btw

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    But i think that the quality of the MC dropped down like a stone in the 1.6/1.7 releases. So i'm just somehow scared about the future of MC. If they'll continue to act like that - nothing good will come of it.
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