Where is CraftBukkit for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3?

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Jul 11, 2011.

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    When will we get a Recommended Build for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3? Why did this update take so long?
    When Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 came out, most of us on the team were not available at the time to deal with the update, causing the update to take longer than it usually would. As it was a small update, however, we were still eventually able to get a compatible build out for testing and people that like to be on the edge of technology.

    Unfortunately, around the same time the update came out, we were having issues with our build process, resulting in a complete halt of development and deployment and causing us to scramble to put together a temporary solution to address the issue in the meantime. While the team was able to do this in a reasonable amount of time, myself and another admin on the team was away out of town on a scheduled absence. This absence resulted in our inability to address any of the issues that came up until I got back Sunday evening, including our lack of communication which I'll explain in more detail later on in this article.

    So, having said all that, why isn't there a Recommended Build yet? Well, after Minecraft 1.7.2 came out, we thought that the rapid-fire Minecraft updates were done with and we could continue on with our usual development schedule and methods. Whenever we get wind of the possibility of an update, the project is immediately put under a code freeze - no more commits, unless absolutely necessary; no pull requests are handled; no changes are made whatsoever - so that we have a stable, non-changing base to work with when making changes to our code to make things compatible with the update that eventually comes out. Since we were under the impression the updates had ceased, we were slowly unfreezing the code and allowing commits once again. Unfortunately, as Minecraft 1.7.3 has come out since then, this has left the project in a messy state that isn't exactly suitable for promotion of a Recommended Build. Once we've cleaned things up again and addressed any issues that have come up through testing, we'll have a Recommended Build out soon after.

    Why did it take so long for an announcement to be made about the status of the update?
    Quite a few of you within the community have expressed concerns regarding the lack of communication on our end, to which I completely, and wholeheartedly agree. Truth be told, this last Minecraft update couldn't have come out at a worse time: quite a few of us on the team were not available over the weekend as we each had plans to go out of town, leaving many of us without access to internet or any ability to communicate any news with the community. Had we been able to communicate with you, I assure you we would have done so.

    We did not mean to leave you in the dark and sincerely apologise for doing so. We recognise that many people who came from hMod were not happy with the lack of communication between the development team and the community and addressing this issue was one of the main reasons I started up Bukkit with Dinnerbone. We completely understand that people have grown to depend on us to keep their servers up to date in a timely fashion and are very thankful for the patience everyone has shown while waiting for an update from us. To that end, we hope this post explains things thoroughly enough to show you that we appreciate your support and are still actively working hard on Bukkit.

    Lastly, since we know that some of you will ask anyway: yes we do have access to the Minecraft source, however we are not able to use the source to update CraftBukkit as their formats are incompatible. Our speedy updates are the result of a lot of experience and fine-tuning the update process we have, not due to having the source.
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    You don't have to apologize to us, you're all allowed to have lives, whether you work on Bukkit or not :p

    It's completely understandable, and thanks for giving us an update when you were able to.
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    This is exactly the kind of misconception that makes people around here impatient. I promise you there is a LOT more to do than just change the version number.
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    :Dthanks alot, you make plugins possible, for the love of god do not screw it up

    i totally agree

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    Would EvilSeph's first post explain the, for my server, new OutOfMemoryError?
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    Ive been on Bukkit 974(1.7.3) for about 3 days with no issues that I can see.
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    I need to add my feelings to the mix and say you guys are doing a great job and I'm sorry that some of us are more impatient than others. Despite that, hopefully our positive responses can make up a bit for any negative ones you got. Thank you very much for your time and effort on bukkit!
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    I run my server with 953 and works fine with minecraft with 1.7.3 + all mods still work.!
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    Jonathan Thorpe

    To be honest I can't blame the Bukkit team for the delay, even if they weren't out of town at the time. Minecraft is getting very messy lately, both the 1.6.x series and the 1.7.x series have seen way more rapid-fire bugfixes than any other series. If I was on the Bukkit team, I'd want to be absolutely sure nothing else is likely to change before even attempting to update. I wish Mojang had better QA testing in place. I know the game is still beta and we're all beta testers, but surely even with beta software, the idea is to make the whole experience as bug-free as possible? Beta testers are there to find the few remaining bugs that might be hanging around, especially the more quirky ones. But lately some really stupid bugs have slipped through, causing the chaotic updates. Not good practice! Minecraft in its current state should be considered almost "release candidate" software, rather than purely beta stage, especially once all the adventure stuff gets added.
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    I have set my server whi Bukkit [953]( minecraft 1.7.2).
    I've update minecraft and i can play in my server whit minecraft 1.7.3!!
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    Ok, I have a very important question. When Minecraft verstion 1.8 comes out (basically the full game) there is said to be a new biome update and towns. I hear that you will have to start over on worlds to make the biomes update and go into full effect. I really do not want to do this for my bukkit server and im sure every single person here does not want to. I just want to know if you guys will develope something to make it so we do not have to start over. If anyone has any knowledge of this please reply to me.
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    Good to know that your on the ball...
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    Good to see, been running vanilla for a week now :)

    I must say the server seems much more stable now and there's a lot less ram usuage, can't wait to see what the RB will bring to server software :)

    Kind of ironic that this hotfix that took notch an afternoon is taking bukkit over a week :D Even more so because they bragged about being able to release so fast on the last update :p I notice that is gone from the main page now btw ;-)

    Anyway, thanks for all your hard work guys, let me know if a Minecraft Server Administrator with basic HTML, Java and VB can help out. Btw, i've a degree in Networks Administration if that counts for anything :)
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    Use MCedit or WorldEdit to copy paste and import all your buildings. I use it all the time on my server and it works great! I can start a new world and in a few minutes have the entire city pasted in the new map.
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    Same here, I agree. Our dedicated server is running great and side note is that we can work on our local test server to figure out more plugins or builds. I respect the team that you posted a apologize letter, but not needed. The servers are running and no downtime due to a Update. DinnerBone was there and released a working version, plus he was very supportive on the website.

    Nothing but respect and to bad that the "hungry" people just don't understand it. (that will never change though) Thank you very much for the support and don't lose motivation.
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    Great Job. I dont Find a Point Of Updating. I am Staying At 1.7.2 untill 1.8. Any One With me?
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    Question, how can you use WorldEdit to import buildings from another world? I thought it was just //copy and //paste ingame. MCEdit would probably work though :)
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    We have to thank you for all your time and efforts you put into this project!
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    Dear bukkit team, thank you for all existing!

    Will the next RB include the fix for the sign/chest vanish bug?
    Perhaps its already fixed, but I get a 502 bad gateway from ci so I cant see for myself.
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    Answered above:

    Basically: we are still looking into a fix for the issue and might delay the RB until we have it fixed as it is a pretty big problem that I'm sure most servers don't want to deal with.
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    Oi, missed that one, thank you for your reply.

    From others I heard conflicting reports about this occurring in CB953 as well... if not I'll stick with 953 and use a plugin to fix my pistons, if the bug is in 953 as well I'll just use a higher build to fix it.

    Getting on a plane to No-Internet-Lands and I was hoping to get the server stable before that :p.
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    The issue was added in Minecraft 1.7, so it will be in 953 as well.
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    Was wondering that as well.
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    For me the 953 build works with 1.7.3...
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    Here guys :)
    "Temporary download for @Craftbukkit 1.7.3: http://t.co/XgaPm4d - stable!" - Dinnerbones Twitter
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    It does but due to the fact 1.7.3 was mainly server side bug fixing, as in it required a new server update to fix the pistons. You can run 953 but it is built with 1.7.2 and does not contain the fix for the pistons so anyone connecting with 1.7.2 or 1.7.3 will still be able to dupe.

    @Dinnerbone @EvilSeph
    You have my thanks, I was awear of some delay in the build process but did not know you guys were out of town you have my respects.

    I do wish to point something out as it more of a major concern then anything else posted thus far, 1.7.3 all the development builds seems to experience some form of memory leakage, It could be 1.7 in general but I run a server with 4gig of ram 3 of that is dedicated to the mc server and this update has been first in the history of my 2 years of hosting this game it has ever crashed the server with a java console error " Out of Memory" I have watched and even with 3 players the memory steadly climes with 20 - 50mbs every couple of seconds this adds up to almost 2gb of ram gone in about 3 hours of up time with just 1 - 4 players using it.

    As stated this is the first time it has ever happend and I am running near the same java params as I have in 1.6 that worked fine.

    Just curiouse as I am sure you are awear of this issue and Id just like to know what if anything can be done about this.

    BTW I am using CB 975, tho 1.7.2 clients can still connect, But I believe the dupe bug was fixed server end in the build you posted in another thread due to issue of not being able to post it via normal means.
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    When you got the source code, did you have to sign some agreement not to distribute any modification of it without it being obfuscated? If not, what in particular is preventing it from being used. Isn't it like another obfuscated version of MC, except that those variable names are permanent and make sense?
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    I remember them talking about it pre death of Hmod where it took sometime to get bukkit going well and smoothly as they were waiting on talking with Notch to get permissions to use it.

    I think they get new builds of MC obfuscated tho they have the rights to remove it for personal use under an agreement to never distribute it in that form.
    Tho I am not them so I can't and answer your question 100% I just thought I would throw in what I heard over time until more official response can be given.
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    Yeah. Hopefully Notch will see that the server should be open source, because he just doesn't have the resources to develop it correctly.

    Then we could all be happy. =)
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    I think I disagree about "resources" if "resources" mean manpower then yes but the "resources" he has available could have fixed those problems long ago with some ahead of time thinking ;)
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    I mean more willingness to do it. I don't think that if server development were all closed source would something like bukkit be developed. Maybe I should just shut up... xD
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