Where do you get your ideas?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by ProjectVaas, Jun 7, 2014.

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    So I am new to the coding of Plugins, and I've made a random TP plugin, a "Hello World" plugin, and that is really it the only reason I knew how to do those was because of videos on YouTube. So how does a professional coder get his ideas? I mean okay so I can say to myself "I am gonna make a chest plugin where you do /chest and a chest container opens" now that I have that idea in my head how am I supposed to know what to write? Like I don't even know what to start, where do you learn your code and strings?
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    I use my creativity. If I find something that I need for my server, I code it. Also, sometimes I will have ideas randomly pop up.
  3. Usually people have some sort of knowledge of basic java programming, and bukkit api, and when they need something or have something they think that someone else might need, they use that knowledge to make it function.
    If, this person, might be slightly noobish. Then they break what they want to do into parts, they do what they know how, and every tie they get stuck on a part, they would go online and look at past threads or videos adressing that same problem (because most questions have answers given somewhere online already), and then as a last resort, they would come here for help.
    If you are unable to break your plugin into parts, you may want to get to learning some basic coding.
    I can tell you from experience that just following those plugin tutorials is near useless. You need to constantly be needing to call upon the memory of doing something, on your own, in order to properly learn it. Especially something as complex as a language and formatting it.
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    ProjectVaas Same as Mrawesomecookie. You just have to be creative and also know what servers could need. On the creative side, I have an idea that I call Voodoo Ender Pearl where you can throw a pearl with a name as a player to teleport them instead xD.

    Edit: Having a knowledge of Java at least is a must. Once you get that down, learning the Bukkit API isn't too hard at all.
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