Where can I go to learn to make bukkit plugins?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by DeadGamer333, Oct 14, 2013.

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    All In the title.

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    If you don't already know java, do the Basic Java Tutorial.

    After that, start playing around with the Basic Bukkit Tutorial.

    Once you feel comfortable, I'd suggest going to YouTube. These channels are reliable (Start with) PogoStick29, (Then move on to) BetterPHP. lewysryan I would only recommend TheBCBroz as a last ditch effort, their code is messy and inefficient. I just found this person today VoidNationMC, he seems alright so far, but I haven't really gone through everything.
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    Search the forums, there are already many many threads about where to learn :oops:
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    Thanks Everyone! :p
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    MrSparkzz ok apparently thebcbroz is generally hard to understand. I used to watch his vids and I thought I was really stupid because I couldnt understand anything haha.
    For me, pogostick29 was really good. :)
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    MrSparkzz Blah1 I used TheBCBroz to start out with. I didn't understand a thing he was doing either. :p
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    Blah1 & Gater12

    I too started out watching TheBCBroz, but I had already known java before hand. At the time, they were one of the only good Bukkit tutorial provider, especially since they had posted many videos. After a while I started getting better with the Bukkit API and just got used to it. Then I found all these new coders.

    I'm also thinking about starting a tutorial series, because there are a lot of things bigger YouTubers miss, especially the other coders on YouTube, I can pick out many flaws as well as things they could do to improve. I just don't think I'd have the patience or willpower to teach thousands of new coders, so I'd probably do Intermediate or Difficult tutorials.

    Also DeadGamer333 set this thread to solved.
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    MrSparkzz I would gladly watch your vids :D
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    Man I love BetterPHP. I made my first plugin thanks to him.
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    MrSparkzz TheBcBroz tutorial was good, but it wasn't working for me.
    Could you teach me?
    PM me if you can and I'll add you on skype.

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    Don't think anyone will teach you, could be wrong though. :3
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