When will CraftBukkit for 1.8 be out? How to download? Answer!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by XD 3VIL M0NKEY, Sep 21, 2014.

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    ** Bukkit has been updated unofficially by the developers at Spigot! **


    Okay, before we do anything else, I'm going to tell you directly that there is no established time of release. Let me digress;

    Right, we all know and love CraftBukkit, but what goes into the making of it? Bukkit is the core API of the CraftBukkit server and is the first thing to be updated as CraftBukkit is then updated around the core.
    There are hundreds of thousands of lines of code and hundreds of thousands of man hours put into making CraftBukkit, it takes a long time to update. It really does, if it was simple, they could have builds out in a matter of minutes.

    CraftBukkit was issued with a DMCA takedown notice by Wesley Wolf, better known as Wolverness. He issued that the code he'd contributed was to be taken down from any download server to protect his copyright. There are mixed opinions and feelings over this but that's not a discussion for this thread.

    Here are a few useful links which will help explain the situation:

    Now, onto the answer.
    As of the time of writing, Bukkit will be updated by Mojang, should the DMCA dispute get settled between Bukkit and Wesley Wolf. This however, looks unlikely. Wesley Wolf himself will have to redact the notice.

    As of right now, Bukkit has no ETA, will never have one and asking is just going to get your thread locked. The best way to "update" is either go Vanilla or look for other successors.

    Can I update Bukkit?
    Sure, but you can't update CraftBukkit. That's where the code that Wesley Wolf issued a DMCA takedown on so by doing so would be breaking the DMCA request, breaking the law and breaching copyright.

    How do I download CraftBukkit?
    You can't. The download page was affected by the DMCA takedown so you cannot download any version of CraftBukkit.
    If you have access to any other download, this will not be supported as an official build as it is not able to be verified as a legitimate build of CraftBukkit and caution should be taken when using it on a public server as some people take the time to make things like this malicious. My advice is to use something such as Spigot or the other Bukkit/Server alternatives.

    I hope this short and sweet thread has answered your question.
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  2. XD 3VIL M0NKEY I appreciate the idea behind the thread, and the intent behind it being stuck for some reason, but I would say it's not likely to do much good - the group of people who meet the following criteria:
    • Still do not know about the whole CraftBukkit drama lately
    • Are affected by it
    • Will read this thread before posting
    Is a very small group indeed.
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    This is not true. There is no deadline for filing a counter-notice to a DMCA takedown. Mojang could file one at any time, after which Wesley Wolfe (Wolvereness) would have 14 days to file a lawsuit. If he didn't, all the files and source code repositories would go back online.

    Technically, that's only true if you believe Wolvereness has a valid legal claim to stop the other 137 CraftBukkit contributors and any other programmers from using the code.

    Some other programmer or group may look at the issue and decide that he's wrong and release their own fork of CraftBukkit.

    People are acting like a DMCA takedown is a court ruling. It's just an assertion by one party of what it believes its rights are. Other parties may feel differently. Wolvereness has a right to his viewpoint, but it's not a settled issue just because he sent an email.
  4. rcade I believe that his claim is valid, and I've yet to see anyone with any legal authority disagree with it.
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    You have a right to your opinion. Mine is that his claim is pretty flimsy. He misrepresented Mojang's position in his DMCA claim, as company COO Vu Bui stated in this forum. Since Mojang has no concerns about net.minecraft.server code being in CraftBukkit, I don't see how a copyright claim against that code would go very far.

    A copyright lawyer who has filed numerous DMCAs for an animation company called Wolvereness' takedown "total b.s."

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  6. rcade The post you linked seems to say that he doesn't have a right to file a claim on Mojang's behalf - but that doesn't seem to me as what he's done, he's filing his own claim for his own code being infringed upon, not Mojang's (he simply mentions that the inclusion of Mojang's code is what is causing his copyright to be infringed). Because of that, I can't put much faith into his post.
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    Do you recognize how weird it is for Wolvereness to make 63 commits to net.minecraft.server code in CraftBukkit over 30 months and then claim that net.minecraft.server code is infringing on the commits he made to CraftBukkit?

    If this ever got in court, the first thing he'd be asked is "why did you contribute changes and improvements to net.minecraft.server code if you believed this code was an infringement?"

    AdamQpzm: I see you hang out in IRC on #bukkitdev with Wolvereness sometimes. Can you explain what his long-term goal is with the DMCA dispute? Does he really see this as a fight he can win, filing takedowns against anyone who uses that code forever, or is he just hoping to help push the modding community off Bukkit and onto an alternative like Sponge?

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  8. rcade He's not claiming that NMS violates his copyright exactly - he's claiming that the inclusion of the NMS code means that Bukkit's GPL is invalid, and therefore his contributions that must be used under a valid GPL are being infringed upon.

    Yes I am in the IRC channels fairly often, and tend to speak to him when I see him, but don't have any idea of his long-term plans and don't recall asking. To questions such as that the only response I've seen him give is his "I intend to enforce my copyright"
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    I agree and disagree with this, Mainly because I've posted things like this before and they've gotten a lot of hits and it actually does help to reduce the amount of threads 'one-posters' make. Helping to reduce that number even just a little bit is an improvement in my books. :)

    Sorry, you're correct. Redacted from the OP.
  10. A lot of the hits will be by people who already know, or by people who don't really intend to make a post about it, and (as I've already said) people it doesn't really affect.

    One example of this phenomenon is the ambiguous getHealth() error that people get - there's clearly a sticky post about it that uses the actual error message in the title, yet time and time again people make new threads about it. That's one thing I like about CraftBukkit being taken down - it's been a long time since I've seen one of the threads.

    PapiDimmi Enough with the correcting people's grammar. It neither makes you look intelligent, nor does it make you look like you're making a valid contribution to any topic of any nature other than a request for somebody to proof read their work for them or similar. If you genuinely have nothing to contribute, then just read the thread and move on. The time you save can even be invested into activities to better your ability to make valid contributions, and the satisfaction of genuinely making a helpful or in some way useful post is far more than the cheap satisfaction from correcting somebody. It's a pretty low level of trolling, and you should drop it if you ever have any intention of anybody taking you seriously.

    For the record, it's called a sticky topic, yes, but sticky is in no sense a verb. Some people go with an attempt to turn it into one by using sticky'd or stickyed or stickied - something like that. In my opinion, those attempts don't look right and don't read well, so I'm with the group that uses the past tense of "stuck", which is similar enough in both the closeness of the word and the thing that the word represents to be an acceptable solution. But really, does it matter?

    PapiDimmi I don't particularly like when people spell words incorrectly but don't go so far as to correct people. It comes off as a whole list of things, the most prominent being arrogant, rude, and immature. You claim to not like when people spell words incorrectly but stuck is perfectly correct spelling and grammar. Sticky would have been valid spelling, but invalid grammar.

    Some would argue that correcting people argue that posting solely to correct somebody for no effective purpose would come under either 'spamming' or 'flame bait'.

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    His posts have been deleted as that falls under spamming, flamebaiting and trolling in my books. Please report any future posts so that they can be handled accordingly.
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    So I should assume this is why my attempting to load a vanilla 1.8 world has gone horribly wrong? I've been meaning to move to bukkit for a while. Looks like I should have done it sooner.
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    Besides plain old spite and being sour, I think your post pretty much says what his intentions are/were. (Don't think he cares about Sponge or alternatives, of course all guesses here.)
    Keep in mind the amount of work Bukkit staff and community has done is outstanding!!! I believe because many did not like the direction things were heading (mainly who will continue on to work an official API) that there was some major sourness behind the scenes. Funny many will be quick to say no to such yet unable to offer a real explanation.

    ps. PapiDimmi's posts are usually trollish and off-topic. He loves seeing a high post number attached to his name it seems.
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    I think that one factor that we haven't discussed is who owns (craft)bukkit?

    Did Mojang just buy the rights to the name? or do they own the copyright from the developers that they hired?
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    Maybe the real problem is, that all these contributors, who worked for free, now sits with a real bad taste in the mouth seeing the 2.5 billions, and not getting a nickel for their hard work.

    Who wants a unpaid job working for MicroSoft?
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  16. They haven't specified what they bought. We could discuss it, of course, but it would be no more than speculation.
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    Just to give everyone an update, Spigot has recently been working on updating bukkit, as the spigot server was originally built on it. If Wesley Wolf doesn't recall the takedown request, Spigot is the one to go for. The fact they are updating Bukkit, means that bukkit plugins can still be updated to 1.8.

    I suggest everyone has a read of this post, as md_5 goes into a lot of detail into the subject

    I am not moving people away from the bukkit community, but rather an attempt to get those from the bukkit community together with those from spigot. They have put a lot of work into getting this far, so much so, that the developers of buycraft, now sponsor the development of spigot.

    That is all that I have to say.
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    Agreed :D
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    humroben Agreed
    Bukkit is basically dead unless the DMCA is revoked but in these situations it time to move on and let bukkit be put to rest and let spigot become the future of modded servers!
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    What do you mean by 'Can I update bukkit?'. Do you mean plugins.
  21. Boba4237sdad I don't believe they were ever told they would get paid for their work.
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    They weren't. The point he's trying to make is that they worked on something which they thought was a community project, but was actually owned by Mojang (which is worth 2.5B $).
  23. Lolmewn If someone was to add to a project then it's their fault for not knowing what they were adding to, at least, that's how I view it.

    If I were to work on something that I thought was open to the public and was community based and then years lately find it to be owned by a company, then I would be ashamed of myself for not digging for the information.

    Necrodoom Were the people who were adding code told that that the project would not be sold?

    Necrodoom You're telling me that people were putting code into a project and they did not bother to ask questions about the project (whether it'd be sold, who owns the project, etc)?

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    Updated to add 'How to download' section.
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    Thread locked.

    This Thread has lost its purpose since any Message would anyway be a Necro.
    Any comments made in the last 7 months were either Spam or DMCA Violations.
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