When will CraftBukkit for 1.4 be released?

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Oct 24, 2012.

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    Update (Oct 27 @ 10:24 PM EST): We've just pushed out our first CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.4.2 development build, see this post for more information.


    With the Minecraft 1.4 release date fast approaching, a lot of people are wondering when we will be releasing a CraftBukkit Recommended Build for Minecraft 1.4. We hope this short announcement will answer those questions.

    Due to the rapid release of preview builds for the impending 1.4 update, we are unable to guarantee that we'll have a compatible CraftBukkit Recommended Build out in time for the release of Minecraft 1.4.2. Although we started working on the update immediately after the Minecraft 1.4 preview was made available to the public, each new preview build leads to delays in our update process as we, essentially, need to start over with each one.

    In the past releasing a Recommended Build has caused apparent confusion within the community, as a result for this release, and moving forward, we will follow the "Dev -> Beta -> Recommended Build" release methodology. We are going to release a Beta build as soon as we can get a stable build devoid of any significant bugs.

    As we have done a significant amount of important work on CraftBukkit 1.3.2 builds, we have promoted a new Recommended Build recently. This was done so that people have a reliable, stable build to use until we can get a 1.4 compatible build out and so that everyone who relies on Recommended Builds are able to take advantage of all the fixes, improvements and so on we've done since the last 1.3.2 RB.

    Thank you for your patience, understanding and continued support; we greatly appreciate it!
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    Thank you for the update, but I cannot help but ask why you did not post this a couple days ago?

    It was known that an update was coming for over a week as the files were available to developers (I have been following the Mojang Blog.) While I understand that you didn't have enough time to finish the new version, could you not have posted this message three days ago - giving us adequate time to tell our members "DO NOT UPDATE!"

    Now, those who accidentally updated simply cannot connect. No one is asking you to release your updates immediately, but we would certainly like more advanced notice. Today's update was not a surprise to you.
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    I for one must thank you all. I know you work as fast as possible, and probably with little or no compensation, with the exception of the gratitude you get from fellow minecrafters. So I just wanted to take the opportunity to remind everyone of this. They charge us nothing for all the great many hours of work, and so if you can, please donate. It is a great way to show your appreciation. Thanks again Bukkit Team. You ROCKKKKKKK!!!!!!
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    Good, Im waiting for the new craftbukkit to come tho, I hope it comes soon!
    Good job bukkit team!
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    GL Bukkit team;)

    - CurseCraft
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    Hoping for a Halloween release but can understand if it doesn't happen. Thanks either way. You guys are doing great work and it is much appreciated.

    If I donate will it get done faster? =)
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    Any idea how late it will be released!
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    Are there any mapupdate issues with this update? or will any regenerating be required?
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    It doesn't help when the day before mojang released it, they added a new pre-release that effectively made all of the work bukkit did for the "final" pre-release wasted time and had to start over :/
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    I'm sure you guys will get a new build up quick as always, you did a great job when 1.3 came out last time and I'm sure you'll do it again, sorry Mojang released that pre-release yesterday though.
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    evil steph works for mojang they new there was another pre release lol but im happy to have another m/c update so fast keep them coming 1.5 im ready lol
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    Lol at this rate, CraftBukkit and its plugins will not make it in time for Halloween :p

    6 more days until Halloween!
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    what rate its been 3 hours O_O we all been through this enough to say to our members dont update if you do your screwed lool
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    Please hurry i want to get my server up ASAP Keep the to good work by the way Love bukkit I dont like Vanilla I have to build Everything manuly it takes forever so thanks for making bukkit <3
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    I remember when Hmod was such a big thing, in alpha. Then bukkit came along and hmod got discontinued. lol, Good times.

    And don't stress yourself on the bukkit 1.4.2 release! I can wait!
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    I don't believe it was a complete do-over. They made minor changes on Tuesday and again yesterday.

    Again, I'm not upset that it takes Bukkit time to update this stuff and I appreciate what they do, but I had been checking this website all week for some kind of status update or post about what was going on with all of the pre-releases from Mojang.
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    That's totally unacceptable. Mojang is a business providing a product - Bukkit is not. You cannot ask Mojang to wait until "third parties catch up". It's up to those respective third parties to get their act together ASAP as, if, or when, Mojang enables them to - aka releasing Minecraft 1.4.2. Can you imagine what the rest of the world would say if Mojang had to announce, "We're waiting until Bukkit solve their issues with some bug before we release Minecraft 1.4"? It's not practical or the way things are done in business. Mojang are the creators of Minecraft and the pioneers of this game. Mojang dictate the status of game content, updates, release dates, etc. Give me one good reason why Mojang should wait for third parties to catch up other than to satisfy your own personal issues with patience?

    I will wait patiently because I know Bukkit won't release an update until it's working and the time spent waiting will be more than worth it in the end. ;)
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    Bukkit should have public location for unstable progress, that way we can compile the builds and continue to use bukkit with the latest release...
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    My minecraft server is nearly empty, do you know where I can find craft-bukkit version 1.4 ?
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    can we see how far you are with a webpage?
    just like with 1.2?

    could you launch a half completed bukkit build?
    they are recoding a lot of things. as soon as they are done they quickly launch and stop a server to test it and then upload the first dev build
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    It's obvious not to update. AFAIK they've never very rarely had an update available on the same day as the official release. If you've been here since before 1.3 you would know this.
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    Every time Mojang compiles Minecraft, it changes literally every part of the code through a process call obfuscation. If anyone has used or encountered the plugin OreObfuscator you can use that as a visualization of this process. Every variable and method is changed from its normal name like breakBlock(); into something like aY(). Then when that is re released with an update, aY() is changed to lZ(). The bukkit team has to pour through this code and locate the parts that they care about despite all of the names being changed and re hook it up to CraftBukkit. This is why despite having a prerelease for the past week, they might as well have gotten the new update today because what they had working as sD() is now known as tX(), which requires them to relocate that piece and hook it back up. Finding individual methods when you know what you are looking for is pretty straightforward, but Minecraft consists of thousands of pieces across hundreds of files that are all changing with every update, majr or minor.
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    It's not really delayed.
    Basically while working on the API they could easily implement new features, and instead of waiting for the Mod API to release 1.4 they decided to do a feature release and call 1.4 1.5.
    Of course, the mod API is not in 1.4 but the real date is still the same, and nobody knows it.
    I asked this question when watching Dinnerbone stream so I got it from first hand :)

    This was really informative, thanks for this :)
    I wonder why Mojang doesn't give a not-obfuscated version to Bukkit though :S
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    Perhaps you should have warned your server members about it. Its not Bukkits responsibility to release a stable build the same day the official update comes out. Stop blaming Bukkit and pwn up to your own fault. I let all my server members know and told them we'd run vanilla 1.4 while bukkit updated. Guess what, every single one of them is running 1.4 now and are on the server. Dude, play the game and stop whining.
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    Well, THAT sucks. I had no idea this is how it worked. Makes me appreciate the effort that much more.

    Would be cool if they could offer what was already done along with a compatible Client version so all that work doesn't just get thrown out the window. At least people might get some use out of it for a week or two. Of course it doesn't help when Mojang releases versions/updates one after the other. =P

    Anyway, keep up the good work guys.
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    new blocks.
    how could they know about a command or beacon block, or witches and bats, if mojang hasent even announced they will be having those yet?
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    Every release from Mojang causes the work to be redone by the team.

    It is standard practice for running a Bukkit server to warn your members not to update until your server has updated.

    Honestly, its kind of pointless. No spreadsheet or page can ever fully capture all the work that goes into the update process. You could see a spreadsheet at 99% completion, but that last 1% may take the longest.

    It does not help the update process.

    The update will be out as soon as possible.
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    I'm sorry but this doesn't really answer the question that is the title of the thread for me :( Are we looking at weeks? months? I just need to know if I should make my next server payment since, well... no one can play on it now.
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    Can you please hurry up with the update my colleagues are waiting for me to host server with 1.4.2
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    I love the work that bukkit put into helping us to continue having amazing servers however I agree with the other people who say that it would be nice to have a countdown to new bukkit versions or update on the progress made, I am aware of the fact that minecraft sometimes update randomly setting back the release date but it would help knowing when its on its way :)
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