When will Bukkit be updated for Minecraft 1.6?

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, May 26, 2011.

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    Staff Update - July 1, 2013:
    This thread is not from 2013. This thread is about the 2011, BETA version of Minecraft 1.6. There is no ETA for the 2013 Minecraft 1.6 update, as always. Please do not ask staff about when an update will happen, as they have no estimate for you. Again, this thread is not relevant to today's update.

    Update 2 - June 23, 2011 at 9:12PM EST:
    New Recommended Build #928.

    This Recommended Build addresses a few API issues and provides Plugin Developers with more events to work with, allowing more awesome plugins to be made. Unfortunately, this new RB WILL break some plugins (mostly plugins that deal with controlling a player's movement - details can be found near the end of this announcement). As always, please be sure to backup your server before updating just in case!

    See this post for more information.

    Update - May 30th, 2011 at 5:55PM EST:
    Since the release of Minecraft 1.6, we've seen quite a few rapid-fire bugfix updates from Mojang addressing issues the community has noticed and reported back on. While we're glad Mojang are on top of things and getting updates out there quickly to improve the community's experience, this does result in extra work on our part since we have to re-do some of the work we've completed for the previous update. As a result, I made the decision to hold off on getting a build out for Minecraft 1.6 until we were able to evaluate the update and decide if that is what we feel we should do or not.

    Over the weekend, that is what we have been busy doing. Unfortunately, I was out of town and unable to handle the situation as much as I would have liked, leading to a lack of communication on our part with you guys, our community. Nevertheless, my team was happily and diligently working on the update and in regular contact with me. Still, I would like to apologise for our lack of communication, I simply was not in a position to do so.

    That being said, we have noticed a few issues with the update that we've been able to address, so we are leaning towards bringing out a build for Minecraft 1.6.5. Though this build may not address all the issues we've found, it is still usable and produces a playable server with a decent experience. However, I am not yet sure if this build will qualify for recommendation.

    Please bear this in mind when using the build: it is not fully supported (though we welcome detailed, useful bug reports) and not recommended (we can't guarantee stability) to use. There are some Minecraft vanilla issues that Mojang need to address that are beyond the scope of our project to fix and we are still touching things up (like Nether/multiworld support).

    If you want to use the build we'll be pushing soon, please backup your server and make sure you understand the risks before doing so. Once again, we cannot guarantee that it won't eat your cake or spawn tiny creeper babies that take over your world.


    As I'm sure we're all aware, Mojang released Minecraft 1.6 today (Thursday, May 26, 2011) around 5AM EST and we've been hard at work getting a build out that is compatible with Minecraft 1.6 out. Since the release, Minecraft has seen quite a few small bugfix updates addressing some unnoticed bugs and we've pretty easily kept up with them. Unfortunately, there appear to be some issues with the update that is making the game unplayable for SMP players, so we've decided to wait for a bugfix update before we recommend any builds.

    Will there be a CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.6?
    Given the reports of showstopping bugs present in 1.6, there's a high chance a new bugfix update for Minecraft will be out tomorrow or even several times this week. As a result, it is unlikely we will be releasing a Recommended Build for 1.6 until we have something stable to work with.

    That being said, we recommend everyone stay on 1.5 for a while until the showstopping issues are fixed and we can get a new, stable, compatible build out.

    You can already get CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.6.4, but it is unsupported and not recommended.

    I'll be scouring the internet for further reports on how Minecraft 1.6 is performing, but preliminary research and our own testing has revealed it as unplayable due to chunks sporadically loading or not loading.
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    Do either of you use the PerformanceTweaks plugin? This is a known problem with that plugin.
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    Oh yeah i use it.
    I will try without it.
  4. notch just annonced that he could release a mid patch (1.6.7 ?) with only pistons ... guess we're goind to another bukkit update ...
  5. [​IMG]
  6. in fact, i am :)

    my point was just releasing a new RB (935) while notch announce a new patch for this week could lead to unecessary over work ...
  7. minecraft 1.7 will be out next Thursday.
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    Deleted user

    Which makes me so mad. I spent maybe a day or two trying to get everything working perfectly.

    I finally do.. and now I'm going to have to redo it in a couple days!

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    Minecraft 1.7 is comming out tomorrow :D but i still play ob my bukkit version CB 860 and 1.6.6 :D
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    Thats not true :3

    1.7 isnt gonna add thaaat much and MOST plugins that work on 935 should still work on 1.7 :p Hell I even use plugins that were originally made for 1.3/4/5 and they still work :D
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    Really? Which ones are you using if I may be so bold as to ask?
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    1.5 http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/me...-blocks-on-off-with-redstone-740.2157/page-22 but did not change at all from the 1.4 to 1.5 update, he just recompiled it without changing anything.

    http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/tp-firstspawn-v2-1-custom-spawn-point-for-first-join-766.17352/ used to be for 733 aswell he changed the title at some point

    still 1.4?

    And my own plugin FirstJoin I could compile it with a 1.3 bukkit and it would still work as expected because the stuff I use in there haven't changed
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    A lot of plugins dont really need to be updated with what hes saying hes changing, realistically its supposed to be bug fixes and adding of pistons, which shouldnt really affect anything, ive already warned everyone on my server to not update if they want to play on the map me and the owner finished making a few days ago, atleast until bukkit gods have everything updated.
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    Well, 1.6 was a good run, but 1.7 is near. Hopefully a smooth update, easy for bukkit and easy on plugin developers, Here in Australia it's Thursday, so it feels wierd, but eh, cant wait till Friday :p
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    Minecraft 1.7 is out!!!!
  16. well, bukkit is not ready.
    soo lets still wait some.
    take your time bukkit staff ;)
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    When bukkit will be ready?
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    Please give us a Dev. Version of Bukkit :D We all want to play with the nw version :D
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    1.7 is already out.
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    From Bukkit? The Client is out now, but not the Bukkit Server.
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    1.7 is out and more bugs than were actually fixed good ol Notch and you can still get wool from sheep when they die, right clicking a sheep crashes MC, weird bug with water and pistons...plus a few more.
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    cant login :'(
  24. that is gonna be a patch storm :(, and wait longer for new bukkit build...
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    Im getting sick of this shit with notch, serioulsy considering playing my xbox.
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    If there are really the bugs then I am sure we will wait a day or so for a patch, THEN Bukkit will send up a recommended build. But also if you want you can just test your luck with the normal builds and see how it works out :)
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    Just wait until its on xbox, im sure there will be so many bugs it will have a record number for the amount of "DLC's" it will need just to patch it all properly, as for the rest of you who want the bukkit team to hurry up, shut up!, you all seem to think that just because the client is updated that the server will be updated right away too, the bukkit team dont even have to do anything, they choose too out of the kindness of their hearts, so cut them some slack, be patient and wait like the rest of us.
  28. notch said: "Yep, looks like there will be a 1.7_01 soon. Sorry about this!"

    and minecraft 1.7_1 is out!

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    I bet there's 1.7_02 soon too, some things are still bugged :p
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    Surprise surprise.. I' shall be keeping well away from 1.7 until everything is fixed and bukkit have a new recommended version -_-
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