When will Bukkit be updated for Minecraft 1.6?

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, May 26, 2011.

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    Staff Update - July 1, 2013:
    This thread is not from 2013. This thread is about the 2011, BETA version of Minecraft 1.6. There is no ETA for the 2013 Minecraft 1.6 update, as always. Please do not ask staff about when an update will happen, as they have no estimate for you. Again, this thread is not relevant to today's update.

    Update 2 - June 23, 2011 at 9:12PM EST:
    New Recommended Build #928.

    This Recommended Build addresses a few API issues and provides Plugin Developers with more events to work with, allowing more awesome plugins to be made. Unfortunately, this new RB WILL break some plugins (mostly plugins that deal with controlling a player's movement - details can be found near the end of this announcement). As always, please be sure to backup your server before updating just in case!

    See this post for more information.

    Update - May 30th, 2011 at 5:55PM EST:
    Since the release of Minecraft 1.6, we've seen quite a few rapid-fire bugfix updates from Mojang addressing issues the community has noticed and reported back on. While we're glad Mojang are on top of things and getting updates out there quickly to improve the community's experience, this does result in extra work on our part since we have to re-do some of the work we've completed for the previous update. As a result, I made the decision to hold off on getting a build out for Minecraft 1.6 until we were able to evaluate the update and decide if that is what we feel we should do or not.

    Over the weekend, that is what we have been busy doing. Unfortunately, I was out of town and unable to handle the situation as much as I would have liked, leading to a lack of communication on our part with you guys, our community. Nevertheless, my team was happily and diligently working on the update and in regular contact with me. Still, I would like to apologise for our lack of communication, I simply was not in a position to do so.

    That being said, we have noticed a few issues with the update that we've been able to address, so we are leaning towards bringing out a build for Minecraft 1.6.5. Though this build may not address all the issues we've found, it is still usable and produces a playable server with a decent experience. However, I am not yet sure if this build will qualify for recommendation.

    Please bear this in mind when using the build: it is not fully supported (though we welcome detailed, useful bug reports) and not recommended (we can't guarantee stability) to use. There are some Minecraft vanilla issues that Mojang need to address that are beyond the scope of our project to fix and we are still touching things up (like Nether/multiworld support).

    If you want to use the build we'll be pushing soon, please backup your server and make sure you understand the risks before doing so. Once again, we cannot guarantee that it won't eat your cake or spawn tiny creeper babies that take over your world.


    As I'm sure we're all aware, Mojang released Minecraft 1.6 today (Thursday, May 26, 2011) around 5AM EST and we've been hard at work getting a build out that is compatible with Minecraft 1.6 out. Since the release, Minecraft has seen quite a few small bugfix updates addressing some unnoticed bugs and we've pretty easily kept up with them. Unfortunately, there appear to be some issues with the update that is making the game unplayable for SMP players, so we've decided to wait for a bugfix update before we recommend any builds.

    Will there be a CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.6?
    Given the reports of showstopping bugs present in 1.6, there's a high chance a new bugfix update for Minecraft will be out tomorrow or even several times this week. As a result, it is unlikely we will be releasing a Recommended Build for 1.6 until we have something stable to work with.

    That being said, we recommend everyone stay on 1.5 for a while until the showstopping issues are fixed and we can get a new, stable, compatible build out.

    You can already get CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.6.4, but it is unsupported and not recommended.

    I'll be scouring the internet for further reports on how Minecraft 1.6 is performing, but preliminary research and our own testing has revealed it as unplayable due to chunks sporadically loading or not loading.
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    All hail Bukkit!
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    Is it just me or do Ghasts currently not spawn in the nether?
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    Severe chunk bugs in 818.

    We are seeing about 5 in the loaded areas at once players are getting kicked for tping and warping into areas etc.
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    started up 818, i let it create a new world/nether, deleted server generated one and added 2 of my worlds. i am using Warpz0r plugin. My default map works perfectly fine and nether works too. But in my 2nd world, warps are not in the right spot (using /warp), and /goto goes to wrong spot. also entire chunks are missing.

    Should I just wait for 1.6.7?
  6. GREAT! I'm going to update my server now.
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    Unless you want missing chunks where you warp and tp all the time and players and you unless you have god on will die or be kicked for flying if that's enabled.

    If you don't plan to tp or warp you should be fine. but will see massive amounts of missing chunks where you'll need to relogin.
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    ^ I do not get these problems o-o

    Thats odd.
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    Well done bucket! *claps*[sheep]
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    You are welcome to see these issues on my server if you want to or anyone for that matter.


    Server addy and our website also.
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    Daniel Few

    Has notch fixed that problem with fence's going invisible and needing a block in the same chunk as it for them to be seen?

    Thanks for the update bukkit! Looking forward to trying it out.
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    Aki Tensai

    Posted a twitter about this bug. Hopefully Notch will return to this before going headlong into 1.7.
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    I guess the world_nether is a Bug or workaround?
    Because it seemes strange... 'world' contains the worlddata in 'region', and
    'world_nether' contains the worlddata in 'Dim-1/region', while in vanilla both folders are merged in the 'world' folder
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    Dr Danco

    so happy to have a recommended 1.6 build :)
    havent had any problems with plugins yet..
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    I had missing chunks without teleporting anywhere. Removed all plugins and am still looking for missing chunks on a new world.
    Plugins I was using:
    GravelClay 1.2.5

    I removed both the essentials plugins and tried the rest on a new world and still got missing chunks. Never teleported. Deleted all the plugins and noticed no missing chunks.

    May not be related and all the plugins were the newest they had as of Monday.

    Edit 0705CDT:
    Did further testing on the same world that I had originally used. I had a backup. I deleted all plugins and still got chunk errrors. I restored the plugins , but changed the [view-distance=10](was =6). No longer had any chunk errors. Still haven't tried teleporting , though.

    Edit 0720CDT:
    Tested a little further and still seem to be getting chunk errors. This time I tried teleporting a lot. So I don't know what specifically is causing the errors anymore.
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    Thank you! Bukkit, finally a recommended build! :D
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    Please help me! On my server when anybody tries to connect, including me we get huge framskips/lag. Anybody else have a similar problem?

    My plugins are:
    World edit
    And Worldguard

    Please help me..
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    Sadly there's still some massive chunk issues in the RB818 :(

    Also as a previous poster stated it would be much appreciated if you could fix the invisible fences glitch.

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    I cant connect on my server after updating it. I always get a "Internal Server error" message.
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    hey I still got the nethergate problem.

    I cant open them with flint & steel
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    2011-06-01 14:54:01 [WARNING] Failed to handle packet: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Listener already listening java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Listener already listening at net.minecraft.server.Container.a(SourceFile:32) at net.minecraft.server.EntityPlayer.syncInventory(EntityPlayer.java:70) at net.minecraft.server.NetLoginHandler.b(NetLoginHandler.java:100) at net.minecraft.server.NetLoginHandler.a(NetLoginHandler.java:33) at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:91) at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(MinecraftServer.java:401) at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:311) at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:422)

    What does that mean? I cant connect on my server
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    I'm having issues with the nether on my server (818).

    Basically, in vanilla 1.6.6, I created a portal room system in the nether, as a way of trasportation. After having upgraded to 818, my portal room has vanished and a fresh nether world has been created in its place.

    It took quite a while to create the portal room system, so it would be cool if I could retrieve it and use it instead of this freshly generated nether.

    Any help would be appreciated :).
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    Aki Tensai

    MC Edit can be used to copy your 1.5_02 nether into your 1.6.6 nether. It can be tedious selecting chunks, saving schematics, and pushing them into the new file, but it is currently the only way I currently know to get your old nether into your new nether.

    There is a strong possibility that the files can be straight up copy pasted from one folder to another, but I haven't experimented with this idea. Your 1.5_02 nether might be /server/netherworld (based on the nether mod that I used) and your 1.6.6 might be /server/world_nether
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    The weird thing is though, I've tried downloading a world backup (after the 818 installation) from my host, and have compared the files and file structure with that of my old 1.6.6 world/nether, and the structure is identical.

    When I load the nether in MCEdit with both the 1.6.6 backup and the 818 backup, it's exactly the same - both nethers have my portal room in-tact. It's weird that on the live server, all I see is a fresh nether, with no evidence of any portal room, and no evidence of a fresh nether installation in the downloaded world (post 818).

    Very confused!
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    Aki Tensai

    Your original nether will still be in the files after 1.6.6. Its the game that is looking at a different folder now for the nether. Place something identifiable into your new nether, then look at each of the worlds on your server. Each world should be in a different folder. Check each folder within your server that is at the same level that your current nether is in.

    Hopefully this helps remove confusion.
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    So.... Is it worth updating yet? O_O
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    I have a problem! It says failed to bind port?
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    Aki Tensai

    Sounds like something is already using the port you asked the server to use. Is there another server running on the same machine?
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    Can anyone explain WTF was changed in World Saving ? (/save-all). It's WAYYYYYYYYYYY Faster than before, i'm really impressed and happy :D

    I have a 200+ server. World Saving was a pain before #818 (1.6)
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    How do I start the server? A "Start" thingy hasn't appeared.
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    Seems there's a bug with the tall grass too, although I've only been testing for a few minutes now. I walk around and I see my highlighted block is an invisible block on top of grass, so I hit it and every few tries I get seeds. That would be there's a bug with invisible tall grass, am I right? Anyways, is there a fix?
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