When will Bukkit be updated for Minecraft 1.5?

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Apr 20, 2011.

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    We have completed the update to Minecraft 1.5_02 (and have had it done for a while now) and are working out a few issues before we promote a recommended build. A TEST ONLY build is available but we highly recommend that you wait until we promote a Recommended Build before putting it on your production server.

    You can find the latest test build on ci.bukkit.org. Please note, though, that if you don't already know how to get it, you probably shouldn't be using it. Only Recommended Builds have gone through extensive testing. Anything else could result in unforeseen problems like Bukkit eating your cake or your world. You have been warned.


    Common Problems/Questions:
    What's the first build that works with Minecraft 1.5_02
    The first CraftBukkit build that works with Minecraft 1.5_02 was made available 2 days ago and is build #689. However, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that if you are running the test builds, you always stay up to date as we usually fix bugs, exploits and improve stability.

    I downloaded build 714 but got some other build!
    You're probably reading the version string incorrectly.

    Here's an example version string:
    git-Bukkit-0.0.0-686-g71ef92a-b714jnks (MC: 1.5_02)

    This version string is for build 714, as you can tell by the "b714jnks" at the end.

    Whenever I use a plugin that changes blocks, I can't see the changes until I reconnect!
    We had an issue with blocks not updating properly but this has since been fixed from build #707. This bug affected plugins that changed blocks in game, like WorldEdit.

    Help! My console keeps getting spammed with this error whenever someone gets kicked or disconnects and it lags the server!
    This is a bug we've fixed from build #701 onwards.

    I can't build or destroy anything! Help!?
    The common cause of this issue is a client mod called Single Player Commands, please try uninstalling all your client mods and seeing if this fixes the issue. If this is the case, then it isn't a Bukkit issue and you should contact the author of the mods you use.

    Every time I connect to the server and load a sign, the client crashes. What's wrong?
    Minecraft 1.5 has added limits for sign text. Plugin developers commonly used longer sign text to store extra data or add colours to signs. This is no longer possible, so we now cut off any line in a sign longer than 15 characters (as of build #712).

    I get kicked when flying and am told that flying hasn't been enabled on this server. How do I enable flying?
    Minecraft 1.5 added anti-flying checks. You can enable flying by setting allow-flight=true in server.properties.

    Whenever I try to send a long message in chat, it gets cut off at roughly two lines.
    A limit on chat has been added with Minecraft 1.5. This is one of the issues we're hoping to address before we promote a Recommended Build.

    Help! When I use the CLI arguments to set ports (or any setting), the server always starts up on 25565 or ignores the setting!
    There was a bug that prevented the server from reading settings passed through CLI arguments. This has since been fixed from build #706 onwards.

    The easiest fix for most problems is to update to the latest Bukkit test build.


    As is the case with every Minecraft update, we saw our usual influx of extra traffic from people wondering if we have a build of CraftBukkit working with the Minecraft update seconds after release (seriously). Usually, you'd see a pretty standard post from me stating we're working on an update and providing the usual advice that you aren't forced to update. However, this time there was a distinct lack of communication from the team regarding the status of the update, other than the usual "we're working on it". Couple this with the slow development occurring lately and we can forgive people for posting the expected "is Bukkit dead?" or "what's going on?" posts. I hope this post will explain everything.

    Will there be a CraftBukkit for Minecraft 1.5?
    Given the reports of showstopping bugs present in 1.5, there's a high chance a new bugfix update for Minecraft will be out tomorrow or even several times this week. As a result, it is unlikely we will be releasing a 1.5 compatible build and, instead, will be waiting for something stable to work with.

    Due to the nature of the project and the methods we use to provide Bukkit for Minecraft, any update - no matter how small - requires us to figure out the mapping of obfuscated classes and update our code. This takes a lot of time and work, so hopefully you understand our decision.

    Having said all this, we recommend that you stay on 1.4 for a while until the patch storm subsides if your server depends on Bukkit.

    Further, I wanted to apologise for the lack of communication regarding this update. I was really hesitant announcing this since it would only serve to disappoint and annoy people, however, I noticed quite a few supportive comments on here and IRC that pushed me to post this announcement because the people that have supported us through everything deserve it.

    Why are things so quiet? Why is the update taking so long?
    Before I answer this, I think it is appropriate to cover what usually happens when we're aware of an update coming soon. Whenever we recieve word of a Minecraft update (which, contrary to popular belief, is generally the same time as everyone else), we place all development in the Bukkit project under a code freeze to prepare for the update and make things easier. That being said, last week thursday we were expecting a Minecraft update and appropriately placed the project under a code freeze. Unfortunately, the update was delayed and pushed to the next week, resulting in a much longer code freeze than normally occurs. Naturally, this lead to activity within the project seeming critically lower than it really was and prompted some people to post the inevitable "what's going on?" thread.

    On top of the code freeze, we're working on some larger changes to Bukkit or CraftBukkit that require quite a bit of time to complete and will only be commited to the public code when they are ready. Quite often you'll find that, while you don't see any updates, we definitely are still working hard programming awesome things and appreciate your patience and support.

    So why is this update taking so long? After we had updated for Minecraft 1.4, we came across some annoying chunk related issues and bugs that were incredibly difficult to pinpoint due to confusion with the new obfuscated names mappings (d -> c and c -> d). Naturally, these kinds of issues were unacceptable for the project and we immediately got to work on improving our update process to avoid issues of this nature in the future. While I think we can all agree with this decision, the unfortunate result is the delay we're currently facing since we're not yet done improving the process. The good news is, we're nearly done improving our update handling process and the wait will definitely be worth it come future updates.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding!
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    They are pretty damn awesome. :) Thanks Bukkit team.
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    CBA = cant be arsed

    Its not a very common abbriviation, i dont think it shows up commonly on google, you are excused ;)

    either option would work so long as it is sufficiently large enough to hold the server directory in its entirety. Usually just copying the folder the server, plugins, config files, and world files reside in is sufficient. Once the backup is made, disconnect it, check to ensure the data is readable (preferably on another system) and then perform your upgrade. This way if the upgrade hoses something, you can restore from the backup and you dont lose any significant progress... Even if for some reason the upgrade causes the machine to completly melt (not possible but still) you have your backup you can restore on your replacment hardware and you still dont lose anything. Me, personally, i keep my backups on a external 1Tb hard drive that sits beside my server. I plug it up, backup, and then unmount & remove the drive before i upgrade.

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    Ah ok! Also, I've found these backup plugins? Should I use these in addition to the external memory device?
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    I have not looked into the plugins, and cannot say how well they work. Your welcome to check them out, and see if it seems like a smart/logical thing to do. Also if this was more than a minecraft server running beta/alpha software, i would keep a off-site backup too incase of fire/natural disaster using something like rsync over a ssh/ftp connection. But i dont value my data THAT much in this case. Personally, my server is on a custom striped down version of 64bit debian with custom init.d and cron scripts that manage starting/stopping/upgrading/roll back/backup/restore/remote admin of the server. In windows things are a little differend and imo more difficult.
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    Whoa, I understood you until you got to the rsync over ssh/ftp connection thingy. It all went downhill from there. That seems very confusing, whatever you just said. I don't understand coding or script stuff or whatever lol. But thanks for the information (Part that I understood)
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    google is your friend, and when it comes to server management (and a lot of other tasks in minecraft too) having a good knowledge of scripting is VERY useful. Theres plenty of good tutorials on google if you care to look. rsync is a incermental backup utility for linux/unix/mac/ and i *think* theres a windows version (possibly dependent on cygwin) but we've managed to hijack this thread, so i would advise any further questions about managing a server to be directed at google.
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    Alright, this is my final Thank You. lol
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    Ha ha, until I started my foray in running a Minecraft server I wouldn't have understood any of that part either. :) Should you feel adventurous and have a let me figure this out attitude, running a Linux based server stripped down (unnecessary programs removed such as the graphical user interface, productivity software, etc. ) is a great way to learn linux. Especially command line use. You just need that "I'll get it to work" motivation along side the willingness to dig for answer upon failures or areas lacking in knowledge. This kind of thing isn't something someone will walk you through as you'll have a much harder time being self sufficient if you don't take the time and figure it out.

    That aside, there is nothing wrong with running a server in windows if that is what you know and are comfortable with. Some of us crazy people that want to maximize performance and stability find that continually searching for ways to make our server better satiates some unknown thirst for knowledge, at least in my case. I found that my interest in Minecraft was a great motivator in learning about linux; something I never really thought I would understand. Now, I'm installing Debian as an OS in a similar manner to what paganOne mentioned. Further I've even started learning how to configure/install Gentoo, but that will take some more time. :)

    Don't stress the complexities if they stop making it fun. Fun is the reason we're here right? Just some of us have fun in ways not quite intended by just playing the game. Who'd have thought I enjoy working on my server about as much as playing on it.
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    I have been using Build 714 for about 2 days now and it works great.
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    No idea about my problem with the command plugin.getServer().getPlayer(Name) in that context :
                    } else if(split.length >= 3) {
                        if(split[1].equalsIgnoreCase("secretaire") && nation.avance == 1 && split.length == 3) {
                            Player secret = plugin.getServer().getPlayer(split[2]);
                            if(secret != null && !this.NationCreation.containsKey(secret.getName())) {
                                clNation secre2 = new clNation();
                                secre2.avance = 3;
                                secre2.temps = timeAct;
                                secre2.Roi = Name;
                                secre2.Nom = nation.Nom;
                                this.NationCreation.put(secret.getName(), secre2);
                                String texte = ChatColor.YELLOW + "Une demande de la part de " + ChatColor.WHITE + Name;
                                texte += ChatColor.YELLOW + " pour le rejoindre en tant que secretaire de la nation/royaume '";
                                texte += ChatColor.WHITE + nation.Nom + ChatColor.YELLOW + "' vous est faite.";
                                texte = ChatColor.YELLOW + "Acceptez-vous cette proposition ? " + ChatColor.WHITE + "/nation [<accepte> ou <refuse>]";
                                texte = ChatColor.YELLOW + "Votre proposition est envoyé, il faut attendre sa réponse.";
                                nation.Secretaire = split[2];
                                nation.temps = timeAct;
                                nation.avance = 2;
    where basic definition is here :
    public class GenPlayerListener extends PlayerListener {
        private static Generic plugin;
        private static GenPlayerListener instance;
        protected static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger("Minecraft");
        public GenPlayerListener(Generic instance) {
            plugin = instance;
    And giving me this error :
    2011-04-25 19:28:52 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_COMMAND_PREPROCESS to Generic
        at net.tanakaworld.tanaka.GenPlayerListener.onPlayerCommandPreprocess(GenPlayerListener.java:446)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader$5.execute(JavaPluginLoader.java:228)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.java:59)
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.java:257)
        at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.handleCommand(NetServerHandler.java:651)
        at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.chat(NetServerHandler.java:622)
        at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(NetServerHandler.java:616)
        at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.a(SourceFile:36)
        at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.a(NetworkManager.java:195)
        at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(NetServerHandler.java:73)
        at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:100)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(MinecraftServer.java:370)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:285)
        at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:394)
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    Does anyone know when the new recommended bukkit will be released (like a time frame)?
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    Yes, let me just look into my magic ball...
    Ahem, looks like build 777 will be the recommended build...
    Time frame... so hard to see... December 21st, 2012.
    Yes, that's it.

    Seriously though, no one knows.
    It'll be released when it's done.
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    Haha i hope its before then lol. What makes you think 777?
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    Ehm... it was part of the joke.
    2012 = Myans
    777 is some lucky number in the Jewish religion... because both 7 and 3 are perfect numbers.
    Think it has some meaning for Catholics too... meh.

    I would have chosen 666 if we weren't already on 720... 777 was the next best number.
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    hahah I thought so lol but just making sure :p
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    anyone have a confirmation on how well 720 runs?
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    Runs fine for me, just as well as 716.
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    Hey all :) Let me start out by saying Bukkit is great and I definitely appreciate the way you guys fix Minecraft so it's playable after Notch's terrible programming. :p

    I've been patiently waiting for a 1.5 version to be released, and while I know you have test versions out there, the server I admin on (owned by someone else) will not update until a recommended build is out. To my knowledge, this is the longest it has ever taken you guys to update your recommended build...

    Soooo, I'm wondering if anyone knows how stable the test builds are. Our server uses lots of plugins like Towny, HeroicDeath, iConomy, CraftBook, and more, and we're trying to keep the world we've got going currently, right into 1.5 from 1.4. But we can't afford to lose data. We will of course backup our server, but it's a big hassle to downgrade the server if it fails. So, I'm just wondering what the main issues are that are holding off a recommended build. They must be pretty major for it to take this long. :( Usually you guys have the new build out in a matter of hours.

    Please don't act as if I'm trolling, because that's not my intention. I'm simply seeking information :)

    The only reason I ask is we're losing people left and right by waiting this long...and we're just following your recommendation by waiting. If the current build(720?) is stable, please promote it :)

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    The test builds are stable, just make sure to back up your server map often and download the latest test build whenever a new one is released to maintain stability.

    The plugins you listed should all be compatible with build 720.
    I can vouch for HeroicDeath working on 720, but I don't use the others myself.
    According to the other's threads they were updated for 714 though, so I see absolutely no reason for it to NOT work on 720 :)

    Also, I really don't see how it's any harder to downgrade than it is to upgrade :S

    It's stable, but they said they want to fix all of the issues introduced in 1.5 before they make it recommended...

    I say go ahead and upgrade, but really make sure to make backups.
    That, and make sure your users know the risk of their buildings being lost.

    It isn't likely that anything will be lost, but it is a possibility.
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    Haha, we've learned that in MineCraft, nothing is permanent ;) Thanks for the info.
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    I can confirm many plugins working fine:
    Permissions 2.6
    Essentials 2.2
    Citizens 1.07g
    AppleTree 0.4
    AutoRepair 1.91
    CraftBook 3.0Alpha-2
    WorldEdit 4.3

    All working excellent on CB720. The only important thing that needs to be fixed is fire not always being extinguished by rainfall, which does work in vanilla.
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    721 is out.

    Fix TextWrapping issues; Now limits the packets send to the client to either: 119 chars or 320 width. This will strip disallowed characters, propagate colors properly to the next line and not 'eat' multiple color-codes.
    Fix forgotten call of EntityInteractEvent for PressurePlates.
    723 is out.

    Added the ability to retrieve a world's Seed.
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    No offense, but quite honestly that's the user's issue.
    Personally, I feel VPS's are the way to go for Minecraft servers... so you have full control over them.
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    It would also be nice if weather in winter biomes was snow and not rain that deposits snow. This also works in vanilla smp.
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    Seems that setQuitMessage is still broken (*click*). Is this bug already known?
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    uhh but thats how it is for me on 709
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    Interesting, I didn't start testing craftbukkit builds until 714, but all have been the same since (up to 726 so far). I have tried with and without plugins... always the same.

    See pic: rain-snow.jpg
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