When will be found a serious person to make anti nodus plugin?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by BioBG, Jan 27, 2013.

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    Hi guys. :)
    Here is my ideas :)

    Can someone find this guy and make his face hard to be drawing.
    ... or ...
    why can't bukkit team talk to mojang team and make something together ..... some check for mods like this, or something else ....

    How NoCheatPlus can detect Rei's minimap and Zombe mods but it is imposible ot find nodus ... ?
    NoCheatPlus can detect Rei's minimap and disable some of it futures.
    Why this plugin is soooo hard to be detect .....

    tnx (and sry for my english)
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    no plugin will just automatically know that a player has nodus when they join.nocheatplus detects when player are using hacks such as flying from an event not from reading their minecraft.jar (which is impossible).

    what does this even mean???

    one the modders would just find a way to get rid of the class file that has it in there. 2 some servers need players to have mods or they allow them. 3 it would be a waste of mojang's and bukkit's time to do this
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    and thats because reis minimap and stuff doesnt code stuff inside their plugins to be undectable where as nodus does.

    nodus is coded so it CAN NOT be detected.
    it it does get detected, they will immediatly update the jar file so it will be undetectable again.
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    nocheatplus doesnt detect the rei's minimap and zombe, they send a check to nocheatplus to see if they should be enabled. they are MADE to work with nocheatplus.
    nodus isnt.
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    Deleted user

    Or, you know, just submit a complaint to Nodus?
    I'm sure a lawsuit could take care of this easily.
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    I wouldn't say its a waste of time to work on protection . Minecraft has indeed already some inbuilt protection that tries to prevent major hacking on the server (For example: modifying already written signs). The protection is only needed for the server so whatever a client does it will work fine until it sends custom stuff to the server. If you want to make your mod also work on multiplayer then you simple use something like Forge to do so.

    Emm Reis minimap and other mods are also coded in java as nodus is also. Reis minimap doesn't send anything to the server to be "detect able" its the other way around. We send them a motd to tell them to disable some features we don't want to have on our server (which wont work with nodus of course).
    Its the other way around. NoCheatPlus sends a motd to every client and if Reis minimap or other mods are installed then they will read the motd and disable those things you don't want to have on your server.
    Here an example what NC+ sends to the clients to disable the CJB xray mod:
    §3 §9 §2 §0 §0 §2
    @BioBG just use something like NoCheatPlus/AntiCheat together with WorldGuard and Orebfuscator and you should be fine with them if you set-up everything right.
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    It's like me asking you if you stole a cookie from the cookie jar and you saying no..
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    there are lots of plugins that can protect against nodus and some that can even protect against DOS atacks Xray and more stuff like that
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    This made me chuckle :D
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    Just get the plugin that makes it so when players hit x it shows all gold diamond and iron ores right underneath but when u dig down its stone
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    I think only mojang could start that lawsuite...
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    Rei's Minimap disables itself when the server owner adds special lines to the MOTD, I believe, or vice versa.. Zombe's disables itself on servers it's not specifically activated on (NoCheatPlus is configurable to allow certain features to be on or off, I believe). Nodus exploits the game in various ways that can't easily be fixed, and even if they are fixed, new ways are consistently found. A relationship between Bukkit and Mojang or NoCheatPlus and Mojang or whatever other combination won't matter because there are always new methods being discovered.

    tl:dr, NoCheatPlus is as close as we'll get.
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    Nocheat blocks some of nodus hacks but my client bypass nocheat
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    There's also a difference between Nocheat and NoCheatPlus. NoCheat is an abandoned project. NoCheatPlus is constantly being updated.
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    I haven't tried Nodus... What features in Nodus can't be stopped by using AntiCheat/NoCheat+/Orebfuscator?
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    • you can have a rearview mirror kinda, great for pvp
    • player radar/esp, shows you health and armorrating. Also shows you people that are sneaking and shows them over the complete map
    • chest radar/exp. Awesome on Survival Games
    • Not sure if bowaimbot and sword aimbot work
    • Forcefield doesn't work I think
    • autowalking, automining(cobble generators), nothing you can't accomplish with macros
    • autofishing is great, especially when server has mcmmo
    That's all minor stuff and mostly is useful in pvp servers.

    The real extreme stuff is blocked:
    • Flying
    • Superjump (around 20-40 blocks high)
    • Fly Jumping (awesome)
    • Walking on water (also awesome)
    • climbing up walls as if there are vines
    • NoFall damage
    • Superfast breaking of similar blocks
    • Forcefielding, players/monsters take damage when near you
    • SuperReach
    • Aimbots, bow/sword
    • Step, walking up 1 high blocks as if they where steps
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