when i want to log in my server he said me "end of stream"

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by iPodEdE, Oct 9, 2011.

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    Since yesterday,

    my craftbukkit 1240 in 1.8.1 crash when i start the server.

    which time i want to connect my account in the server the Minecraft client said me :

    "End of Stream" and now i dont know what to do.

    i have try to remove plugins and start new maps but nothing happens.

    if someone have idea for me please thanks


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    Did you Port Forward Minecraft? If you didn't, then most likely you are having connection problems or that your network doesn't have enough bandwidth.

    Anyways, If your on computer, use localhost or If not, use your computer's Network IP.
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    I didn't know Minecraft servers were male.
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    If you haven't portforwarded correctly you should find a tutorial on the net, it's not Bukkit causing this issue. Try go to a SP map and then out and in the server, if that doesn't work idk.
  5. I dont know if its the issue, but you have a plugin that is outdated, its something about minecarts made by @bergerkiller .
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    Hi all and thanks for your helps. :)

    Finally i have find the problem (but before this crash never i have encountered this problem) and it is the Train carts plugin (who paste minecarts to make a train) :)

    i'm a guy Kaikz [skeleton]

    (sorry if my english is bad [sheep])
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