When bukkit with have 1.8 server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by shady91, Sep 14, 2011.

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    is there soon will have bukkit server for minecraft 1.8??
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    is there not soon bukkit will have server not server for 1.8 minecraft sorry dissapoint.
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    from twitter

    Please be patient, it's a lot of work and we had no idea a release would be this soon :(

    The ETA is "when it's done". I can't be more specific than that.

    "Hours or days" is a good question but I still do not have an answer for you. I'm hoping for hours.

    To give you an idea of exactly how much work this is: We're essentially rewriting Craftbukkit onto the new obfuscated code.

    how on earth they were so surprised is beyond me, why they have decided to rewite it is anyones guess.

    if only mojong had released some kind of pre release so that bukkit could of got a head start!

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    ok ty for fast answers i can wait its not who now how much asap :p have a nice day
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    No problem :) Have a good one!
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    What is this.. I dont even
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    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
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    we have been testing 1.8 and so far its pretty good though we havent gone very far yet certainly noit to the far lands.
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    Bukkit will be in a week?
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    No. It's not coming.
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    guys do any of you follow bukkes twitter at all?
    its one guy working on 1.8 for the last 4 hours hes got about 40 of 125 files updated​
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    we all want the 1.8 server software to come out but with such a big update we could be waiting ages i basicly live on a bukkit server and i am disapointed to not be able to play on it today though not to say im upset about 1.8 update
    though to the last post bukkit should be done soon though the serevr runner might take a while to up date the server
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    They don't understand that if they don't use proper grammar we don't have the ability/skill to understand them enough to be able to help them.

    The circular irony....
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    I see whut you did there.

    Seriously the Bukkit dev team needs to work waaaaay closer with Mojang to update their software faster and more efficiently. 1.8 was in two pre release stages,and now it is officially out.
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    You clearly don't understand obfuscation.
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    Seriously, try to read abit, before you post something you dont know anything about...

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    hmmm this could be a new feature they could use in minecraft? You could level on on how well you use grammar in game?*notes to self- Make grammar mod*
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    Just wait... It'll be done when it's ready. No sense talking about it.
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    How long we must wait for the Bukkit-Update?
    We have 3 big servers!
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    wtf is the rush, just play 1.7 till this is done. babies whiney babies
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    nono, vanilla, 1.8 ;)
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    Dinnerbone said on twitter 35% about 30mins ago, so meh
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    Nathan C

    Over 50% now.
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    Wow. They are working fast
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    Let's all keep in mind that this is software that people donate their time to develop for our benefit. This is not an official part of the game that any of us have paid for.

    People should be more grateful that such software even exists.
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    Over 50%?

    "Over 50" could mean anything from 50.01 to OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND
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    They skip the big words and look for the worst. :p
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    It's never coming, sorry.
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