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  1. It would be nice if there was a plugin that makes it to whoever joins the game it plays a sound so if someone is afk then they hear the sound they can comeback to the game and say Finnaly someones here.
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    So you want everyone to get a beep or something if they're afk and a player logs on?

    How about a sound near the player when they log in. (A note block, maybe?)

    Here's what I can do:
    I could make a note play, but it would require that a note block be placed there from the client's perspective. I could do a temporary note block using some cool commands, but it just doesn't seem worth it.

    Another idea:
    I could use effects from the game, such as door toggling and walking, or explosions. Those wouldn't be as suddle, but they'd work better.

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    The door sound actually makes sense for a sound that plays when a player joins.
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    That can be done. In fact, I could make the sound scale down the farther away you are from it. (Like a natural door opening) or I could make it play for all players.

    Methinks this will make for a good before bed project.

    Here. I didn't get to test this out, but with the default config it should play a door click sound to everyone on the server when a player joins. This can be configured to play only in the same world, or only within a certain radius.

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  5. It works perfectly and I didn't receive any errors.
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    Did everything work? Please try the different settings. If everything is up to par, I'll add a few more settings (Like sound type) and submit it for release.
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    Why not use Commandbooks built in midi support that can play when a player logs in :p

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