Wheat Farm auto replant

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Do you want what autoplant?

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    So basicly on my server in the public farm people take everything and dont replant it

    So is it possible for someone to make a simple wheat auto plant plugin please?

    Thank you :)
  2. This is possible.

    Listen for the event of breaking blocks.
    If the broken block is wheat, set the block again with data value 0 (no growth)

    I would suggest to NOT drop seeds when the wheat isn't fully grown yet.
    Because you could have an infinate amount of seeds by just breaking/placing/breaking/placing etc. Actually I should say: breaking/breaking/breaking/breaking etc

    This approach does not help against players/animals walking over the crops. I think,
    unless there is an even for that too.
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    I would like that to.
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    Someone can make a plugin that expands the WordGuard functionality to do something like:
    • -/region define farm
    • -/region flag farm autoplant wheat (this flag will check if seletected area have seeds planted, if not, it will plant wheat seeds(and obsly transform in farm land)
    • -/region flag farm build deny(or false, cant remember, will protect the farm land, but not the crops, as they are planted in the higher block)
    Is this possible?
  6. I made something that might be interesting, it works for 1.2.3 and its really basic.

    If you destroy the wheat with a HOE it will replant it and drop 1 wheat and 1 seed.

    If you destroy it with anything else it will act as normal.

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