What's Your Interest In This Plugin Idea? (Linked Servers)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Intelli, Apr 24, 2011.


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    Hey everyone,

    I have a plugin I've been doing a bit of development on. However, before I continue on it further, I'm reaching out to you guys, to gauge your interest in this plugin. (As it is a lot of work =])

    The plugin would ultimately link minecraft servers using the plugin, creating an ultimate global minecraft server. Here's an outline of some basic functionality.

    1. Linked chats, players lists, etc. There are automatically assigned chat rooms, with a default limit of 50 players per chatroom. Players are automatically assigned into a chatroom on joining the server.

    2. World data is shared. Any blocks placed, removed, etc, are sent to the global management server, and the same action is repeated on any participating servers.

    3. This uses a unique world map. Any existing map information can't be put on the global server. When first setting up the plugin, the core map information will be sent to your server (and updated every time you start your server, if there's any outdated information)

    4. Just to clarify, any map information is saved in a seperate folder. This will not overwrite your existing world maps.

    5. Servers can choose to fully opt-in to the plugin, or partially opt-in. If a server partially opts in, by default, their server stays the same. However, players can then join the global server by typing /join global on the server.

    6. Players can see other players, regardless of what physical server they're playing on. There is no PVP, for obvious reasons. Inventories, player positions, etc, are stored on the global management server, so information stays the same, regardless of what physical server a player uses for connecting to the global server.

    7. Items dropped by players will be available to anyone on any other servers, until the item is picked up. However, default items dropped from blocks, etc, will only show to that physical server.

    8. All explosions are disabled.

    9. Server owners can disable or enable mobs, etc, add plugins, or such, as they normally would. However, mobs will not show cross-server.

    10. Server owners can assign GM's (Game Masters). Game Masters have a say in matters regarding the global server as a whole, but also have the option to have normal control over their physical server, such as banning players, etc.


    That's a basic outline of some core functionality. Please let me know if you guys are interested in me continuing development on this plugin.

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    Hmmm, interesting concept. I would love to see this kind of plugin, and would most certainly use it. Seems like a great way to have a large community working together, while not having to have really good hardware to host a server for. I can (If I'm understanding your idea correctly) see issues with greifers on that server, because if one player griefs you but they aren't on your server, you can't ban them, and if they are, they can just jump to another server.
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    This sounds interesting. Would love to see how this works. I can dedicate a few gigs of ram to test this on our dedi. Let me know if we can set something up.
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    Nathan C

    Eh. Don't want it because I could see some major issues with this.
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    Sure. I'll PM you a development copy as soon as it's ready.
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    Issues with rules/issues with keeping loyal members/just issues galore, i can write a book.
    Not to be rude just answering your post with an honest opinion.
    I run a server with 20-30 average users at all times.
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    Omgg :( Why did you delete MCRanks? :S All my players enjoyed it as it was. I think it was perfect :) And doesnt require any further developements. Just get it back up =D

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    I agree With Icely. I love (and so do my fellow players) this plugin.
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    Unfortunately, MCRanks only had several servers actively using it, not making it worthwhile to maintain.
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    It would be extremely hectic, but if you're confident that you can create it nicely go right ahead. Personally, I'm not very interested- I like my server the way it is. Word of advice: don't use /join global because the /join command is already used by one of the most popular plugins out there- HeroChat.
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    Might be worthwhile to check out the InfiniCraft specification doc and GitHub and see if that's something along the lines of what you're trying to do here. The project has been dormant for a while due to lack of time and motivation to work on it, sadly, but I think if anyone had the time to actively develop it it would turn out well. A lot of the planning work has already been done and a little bit of implementation.
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    Interesting idea. I'd probably give it a go on my server and keep it if the players wanted it.
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    Whoops, didn't look at the date of the last post, came across this topic from a link in a different one. Sorry about that.
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    Hahah, that's alright. Happens to the best of us
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    This is a great idea. I have been looking for a plugin to do this. If you need any help testing out development builds I would be more than happy to help :D
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