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    Hello, my name is Diggyholedwarf and I am currently working on a server that is a SCP RP server. For those of you that haven't heard of SCP's it's ok im gonna try and explain this as best as possible. So whenever a player joins for the first time ever on my server that become a GroupManager rank of ClassD. This is all working correctly. However new players all spawn in jail cells to be retrieved by Guard's. Which are their own GroupManager rank. How do I basically restrict a ClassD from being able to open a door to let themselves out and have to wait on a Guard to come by and retrieve a ClassD. Also I don't just need a fix for this whenever I find this solution it will be used throughout my entire server so I need a solid fix for this. I've tried a couple of different ideas already consisting of a plugin called SerialKey however the problem with it is that I can't name the key's without breaking them. I've tried custom alia's to place a redstone block to activate the door. However with these custom alias plugins you can't create permission nodes per alias. So this is useless. Also with custom alias plugins you have to give the players permission to the base command such as /setblock to place the redstone block to unlock the door. I am looking for maybe some way for whenever you try to open the door it tests your GroupManager rank. IDK I have tried for 5 days to find a solution and finally I said I'll ask the people that have been doing this for a long time. XD BTW this is my first ever attempt at a Minecraft Server so I'm pretty noob. This concept might not even be possible to be honest!

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