What's the average approval time?

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by ZachBora, Oct 14, 2011.

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    I've submitted projects to BukkitDev and they were approved quite fast. The last project I submitted was 36hours ago and still isn't approved. Did I do something wrong? If I did I haven't been advised about it.

    It's a plugin using the public API of another one and all the code in this plugin is by me. I don't see how it could be any problem. It's quite a basic plugin and I was only looking into adding features to the original plugin that I knew the Author wouldn't.

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    It all depends on when the DBO moderators get time to look through your project.
    It'll be approved in due course, as long as it meets the guidelines.
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    ye shouldnt take long if it meets guidelines i got plugins that were approved in minutes and some that took couple days
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    Don Redhorse

    well.. I think it is quite fast... a lot faster than approval in the forum.. which is atm... NEVER...

    I will take up @EvilSeph on this post on Monday.. up to than they had almost a full week to move some plugins from plugin submissions to plugin releases and clean out the inactive one..

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    It got approved today :D
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    Of course it did, because you complained. That\'s apparently the new system, ignore plugin until dev complains, approve specific plugin, ignore other plugins ;)
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    Drakia have you seen it? I called iChatPlayerList
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    For my project, all of them took 3 days.
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    time of approval seems to increase more and more :/

    are there just too many submissions?
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    My project took around 1 day to approve, first couple of files approved within 10 hours but the second file took close to 1 and half days. Varies and I expect that depends on how busy they are.
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    And I was bashed by @Rigby90 for saying the the process took to long and that it would get worse.

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    That was a month or so ago when the project was only just released and people were bashing approval times when hardly anyone was submitting things. Now it's a completely different case.

    I'll be honest with you and say the load has increased a lot and yes so have the approval times. Currently we don't have moderators in every timezone to cover them... This is a problem we're looking to solve by getting in more staff for BukkitDev. Most of the staff live in either Europe or America, so there's a gap where we're either out at work/education or sleeping. Because of the time zone issue atm I tend to go sleep with an empty approval queue and wake up to see a lot of files in the queue.

    File approvals will always take priority over projects, so project approvals just like on the forums can take minutes -> hours -> days... Hopefully not weeks/months though.
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    So what Rigby is saying, is it's just going to get worse, don't worry guys ;)

    BukkitDev is a terrible idea/website, this file/project approval is just showing that more and more.
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    Yes that's exactly what I said :). Your excellent at twisting words and reading what you want to ;).

    We're looking to get more staff across the timezones... When people are awake it's not an issue... We however wake up with items in the queue.

    But yes Drakia we understand you dislike the BukkitDev system, and that you won't use it... So the sooner we swap to it the better IMO.
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    I'm not the only one who doesn't like it ;)

    The sooner you force the switch, the sooner this community falls apart. Good luck with that :)

    And in regards to approval times, I'll put it this way. Bukkit has ~2000+ plugins marked as "Active" currently. BukkitDev has 1200. You can barely manage to keep file and project approval times below the double-digit hour mark as it is, when the change is forced people are going to be PISSED as approval times skyrocket into the days/weeks mark.
    When BukkitDev started and people complained about approval times you said they aren't bad, wouldn't be bad, etc. Now you're saying they're bad but they'll get better, I call bullshit, they've steadily gotten worse, and unless you more than double the amount of moderators, they will continue to get worse when this abomination of a website is forced upon the community.
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    Yes, but I said the same thing a month ago.
    Please note the buttom of this post, I posted 1½ month ago:
    So yeah, 1½ month ago I questioned whether you would be able to keep up. I was an idiot and didn't understand running a project like this when I proposed more moderators and team members (EvilSeph nicely told me I didn't know shit, when I proposed more moderators/help).

    So here we are 1½ months later, approval time is going up, more and more people complaining, team members acknowledging the fact that they seriously need more help/moderators,
    no word on whats going on with BukkitDev, what have development brought so far?, what can we expect will change?, what will not be changed?.

    You started looking for more moderators now? Shouldn't you have done that 1-2 months when anyone worth 2 cent could see that the time approval would only get worse. Why hasn't this been solved long time ago. It's not like there is a lack in willing free people. The only thing lacking is team management with new people, the team not being able to control their people which creates situations where the team member/moderator act out of line with the rest, creating unwanted situations.
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    I agree completely with Drakia and ciberdude and their posts in this thread.
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    I agree with Kohle :D
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    This is really aimed at the staff, as they'll understand it better than anyone else (basically, I'm an asshole), but this is exactly why I think you need to stay on top of cleaning Submissions. It hasn't happened for some time now, and that leaves over 600 plugins which are sitting in Submissions but don't meet the requirements for being there.

    Let me know if you decide you want to hear about them after all...
  21. Why is this thread still going?
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    We ain't got no better things to do :p
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    Because an issue with approval times (And the requirement in general for an approval) still exists?
  24. How sad. Yet true.
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    Lol... looks like our plugins are never gonna be approved. Seriously, can't they atleast have one person on this? Approving plugins? Can't be that hard, honestly.
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    From what I understood they got more than 1 person on it and there's too many approvals to be done for them to finish early.

    Alright I've got proof they do check submission and deny them.
    I had just created the project as a placeholder to reserve the name, didn't put too much description because I wasn't sure of all the features that'd make it into release. I had even checked the "experimental" because of that.

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  27. From the submission guidelines:
    "Your project's description should contain a sales pitch within the first 500 or so characters, as this will be displayed on the projects listings."
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    That's a terrible way of dealing with limitations in the system. The description needs to be separated from Main.
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    I also find it funny they call it a sales pitch. This is free OS software, it's a frigging description, not a sales pitch,
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    Don Redhorse

    oh well first you guys are bitching about plugins not being checked... now you are bitching about plugins being checked.

    can you please only bitch in one direction?

    sales pitch is used in a lot more situation than just by selling stuff.. for example you sometimes need to do a sales pitch of yourself if you are looking for a new job.. and no... I'm not into slavery..

    one point is of concern though.. as that isn't visible or very quite visible..

    dev.bukkit is being processed.. but nobody knows really how much work it is, except the moderators..
    plugin submissions and released plugins.. are not processed AT all.. and you can see that quite easily..

    so either dev.bukkit takes ALL the time of the moderators so they don't have time to look into the normal forums or there are some other problems.. which would be nice to know..
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